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  1. Hi all! let me explain properly. I have noticed a click type sound, when for example im stop and put the gear 1 and release the clutch but not the brake, so the car does like it wants to go but cant, when i press the clutch again the motor “relaxes” so here the click sound comes. And then when rolling, im in 1, 2 or 3 gear and accelerate a little and release so when the speed is falling again that click sound. No idea of what it can be ! I recently had my roll restrictor changed for another stiffer but the mount is good and i had it double checked. Seems something with the clutch? Cable could be ? Its almost 100.000km. 1.0 fiesta ecoboost 125bhp Thanks !
  2. Really ? Im interested in it? How much? And whats the state of it? Send me a PM or DM (dunno know how you say it) if you want thanks!
  3. Hi! Im going for a intercooler upgrade because i can really feel the car is asking for it, specially when its hot in here where i live. Plus its stage 1 so it will help too. I have done quite a bit of research and think the best option is airtec stage 2 twin pass intercooler, but its also one of the most expensives one and more for me that i live far from UK (shipping, taxes, etc). I would like to know experiences from people who have it or have used it. Is it really good? Worth the money? Improves performance ? I read that @Paramanic is using it ? Thanks!
  4. Hi Mate! a little late i think (lol) but have you still got the catback? im interested... Thanks! PD: i think im being too optimistic...
  5. Thats like an extra mate! i mean once you have the car remapped from them you can switch between maps or anti theft mode with the device, but the first install it has to be done by them! FML :(
  6. ¿? Wtf? Are you serious? Because i once emailed them and said it wasnt possible! Tell me where can i buy this!!! Ill be the happiest person on earth 🤣
  7. Yeah i got it. Sadly i got limited options for ecu remap where i live ;( and revo doesnt have handset for remap like bluefin. Thanks !
  8. Hi! im quite confuse as i always thought that upgrading the exhaust hasnt got anything to do with remap. Obviously if you remap it you will gain more and maybe use better the extra air flow. But ive seen in few pages that if you upgrade the milltek sports cat + catback exhaust you need to stage 2 the car ? What if i dont? Will the car go into limp mode ? Can someone explain to me please ? thanks !
  9. Read up T_T. Anyways here things are different, you can even remap your car under warranty and take it to ford official dealer and they wont even realize. They even dont know whats a “remap”
  10. Chill dude i was being ironic. My insurance is aware of my mods. But sometimes it makes me really angry the abusive prices, at least where i live. Dont know about UK. @ThaiFiesta hey! And what power output do you have? Same 150bhp or more? I would really like to know as i dont mind at all keeping the bluefin map but also would like to add some mods!
  11. @Bobr Insurance doesnt have to know @Willy I love mountune, the way the products are finished and made. But you are right, most of the products are out of stock, and the shipping to my place kills me, damn expensive. Just to mod something so simple like hoses i have to think 20 times because of the costs of shipping, etc. Where i live, there is nothing like tuning companies or shops Confused right now... dont know what to do at the moment. Thanks to all for your answers!
  12. The reason i open this thread is because i too doubt that stock parts like clutch and gearbox will handle that power. But then again, i have asked good reputation companies and all of them state about 180bhp. It would be really nice if someone in the forum has that much power and can tell about it! I know its better to get a st and remap it stage 1 but the matter is that the maintenance of this little 999cc its so damn cheap that if its possible to extract some nice extra power it would be a perfect day to day car with good power and low tax, insurance, etc. @Willy is there much difference from bluefin to MR165? Also i have told that it isnt compatible with an aftermarket exhaust ? thanks to all for your answers!
  13. Hi! I've been speaking to numerous companies with very good name, and all in common state that the limit to the 1.0 ecoboost output is 180bhp approx. The following mods needed are: -High flow induction kit -Uprated intercooler -High flow exhaust with decat / sports cat - And obviously a remap. All of the companies also assure is a safe power output and no sacrifice in reliability. Im right now with bluefin, im not sure if slowly i get the mods installed the power will increase? bluefin state about 150bhp, even if it gets it to around 160 - 165bhp im happy, and would keep the map. Going to email them and check, because they recommend the map with car completely stock. Otherwise, whats your opinion about this power on this little ecoBEAST? im quite doubtful, i feel its a lot of power to extract from a small 1.0 litre. Anyone here with such power? or similar? Thaanks!!
  14. Performance i wouldnt say that much, maybe a minor better throttle response. But increased induction sound definately! Just watch some youtube videos and you will be surprised! My doubts are the shipping makes it very costful for me and im not sure if its worth so much :(
  15. Im not sure if its the same as a problem i had but it was a coil pack. It used to cut at hard acceleration, Ford changed the spark plugs in warranty and it happened but less, i really had to force and hard accelerate to feel some minor "cutting" feeling. But i wasn't convinced, and finally after changing a coil pack car was and is perfect :D!