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  1. Auto headlight upgrade

    I have a 2013 zetec s, dont even use the auto lights coz if i do they are mostly all the time on. Where i live, weather is great and at 6 pm its still bright and sunny, and the auto lights are on ... dont know, i find it a little waste, depends where u live too i guess.
  2. Synchro - Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

    Hi! I was around the forum when i read this. Currently im a 1.0 ecoboost 123bhp with bluefin, for a year already. I've noticed that with bluefin the 1 and 2 gear are quite hard, and the reverse too. No issues yet, but this is my last year of warranty, so... is my synchro going to die? a few months ago, when i had my tyres changed for new ones, there was some oil leak from the gearbox, this was repaired on warranty. Is synchro got to do something with this? because i really dont understand what is this synchro thing and what it does. Thanks!
  3. Best Brakes for Fiesta MK7.5

    Everything said then! Thank you very much mate! cheers!
  4. Best Brakes for Fiesta MK7.5

    But the noise starts like when i still have about 20-30% of brake pad. Anyways, so i just change it at Ford, or better i buy the pads myself and get it done. Is it easy? Thanks mate!
  5. Hi there! I have this problem always with the brakes of my fiesta, when they are almost ending they start making a loud screech noise when coming to full stop. I really hate this, whats the best option for brakes? any other brand or something? also, i would love to have the ¿brake calipers? (sorry im spanish) in red color if its possible and how to get these, because ive read several opinions, like painting them, or changing the whole brake kit of the car. I cant find anything serious about brakes so i would like some personal opinions and help! Thanks!
  6. Is this compression surge?

    The compression surge thing i solved it out! But i was wondering whats this syncromesh system. But i dont understand how bluefin interferes with it? And how can i know wether its working properly or not? Sorry im new in this so maybe im speaking crap i really appreciate this forum and all help if got and learned a lot of things here! thanks!
  7. Is this compression surge?

    @james_60 its a dual port valve 50/50. Not completely dump. @GingerFlame what you mean by synchros ? Ive never heard of issues with bluefin map... and till now no problems with me neither. Also i dont floor it all the time, coz it can have many mods but in the end is a tiny 3 cylinder motor, so you cant squeeze it all the time. I think... but whats this synchros thing ? Thanks!
  8. Is this compression surge?

    No mate, my car is mapped with bluefin from superchips. Iv seen aet motorsport video too with this valve and their remap and doesnt sound good. Thanks for reply !
  9. Hi everyone! im a little confused with the sound of my 1.0 ecoboost fiesta. Its mounted with an ITG air intake, and turbosmart dual port valve. The sound at full gas its a nice phhsss, but free revving it or at low-medium gas it makes this weird sound that im not sure if its compression surge. Little worried actually. Ive been adjusting the valve too but not much difference, it seems to be the same, maybe now it phhsss more easily lol. Can anyone help me out ? thanks!
  10. Catback exhaust ?

    @zain611 Thanks mate but sadly i dont live in U.K (if the company you mention is from there). Im in spain, far away in some kind of paradise islands :P So that option wont work out for me but thanks anyways! @Luke4efc Thanks friend! i know about the sound matters, here in Spain too if you are too loud you draw attention and can be fined. But i dont like too loud, thats why im interested in the resonated models, that are quieter, right? @Gommy Wow! beautiful fiesta you got friend! thanks for the pics and reply, hows the performance? any better, same? And, the fitting is not quite a problem. I have a friend of mine thats a mechanic and specializes in modding so i would get the job done there. Thanks to all for replies!
  11. Catback exhaust ?

    Hi all! first of all, happy new year 2018 to everyone ! Now, ive been looking foward to change the exhaust, coz i cant even see it lol, and thinking of a catback exhaust coz the whole thing is veeery expensive. But now im not sure if its a worth mod. Its about 500 £ and it seems that only difference is about look and sound? If its so, im not really interested coz i feel its a lot of money for just that. Does it have any better differences ? Ive been looking at milltek one (my fav), cobra, moongoose, and also mountune but not sure if its for 1.0 ecoboost zetec s thats my model car. The main question is, what brand you recommend me and if its really a worth mod. Ive also noticed that its a common mod, so it could be value for money ? currently my car has ITG induction, turbosmart dual port valve and remap from bluefin. Thanks everyone ! Cheers!
  12. Getting under the fiesta!

    @Luke4efc its just the itg induction kit for the 1.0 ecoboost, but its a little tricky coz the filter itselfs fits right under the headlamp so you need to unmount this, remove the old airbox filter, etc. And there is this small little black box thats right next to the washer deposit. Its in the middle of the induction kit setting so you just have to relocate it. No pics right not mate, sorry. @zain611 no mate. My friends are not into cars, and the one guy i know is an oldie toyota, that doesnt like modern cars, neither “helps” a lot lol, its sad... @auldreekie hmmm i could try this. I already tried on a curb. The thing is that the front of the fiesta is so low... that there is hardly any place to be able to work. Thanks to all for your answers! ive spoken to a mechanic friend too, that has elevator, if i cant do anything about it ill have to go to him... :( at least the job will be done proper and securely
  13. Getting under the fiesta!

    Hi everyone! I finally bought an induction kit for my fiesta. I chose the ITG from all, i feel its one of the best options. Ive been trying to install it but it is a real pain in the as*. Where the filter itself sits, there is a damn black box, that has to be relocated, but this ***** box has to mounting screws, one on top, and the other one on the bottom... that means, that you have to unscrew it from under the car and i don't know how to get there... Whats the best idea for this? i got a jack but i don't trust it, plus the jack its for swapping wheels...not going under the car. I was thinking of parking the car on a curb... not sure of what to do. Just need to remove this screw and im done! Thanks!
  14. Help with SYNC Bluetooth issues

    I had some issues too with bluetooth sync. It used to connect automatically when i switched on my bluetooth and now it was connecting but with problems, or simply not connecting saying that no bluetooth device found. So i figured out that the name of my iphone paired with sync was different than the actual name. Maybe i modified it and didnt remember. The thing is, check in iphone settings that your iphone device name is the same as paired in the bluetooth sync. If not, delete all configuracion from sync and from iphone and start a new pair and it shud get the new name and work! good luck!
  15. Going for an air intake!

    @Marcr1 i would like to find a video of the mountune one, coz it seems to be the "best" one as it maintains a filter box style. @v530anh so sorry to hear that friend.