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  1. I had it fitted on beginning 2020 about february and i think i didnt test it much as the lockdown happened. When they released the lockdown on july more or less i did some good miles to the car and noticed it had some issue going on so it went back to my trusty garage (i fitted the downpipe in another ***** garage) and it wasnt fitted properly. So the mechanics there unmounted the whole kit and mounted back again with screws and gasket all new. Then the car felt good and had the P0420 coming on but i assumed it was normal and just ignored it until i got a scanner, these typical elm327 style and one day it suddenly popped the P2187 code aswell and i was noticing strong gas smell on idle… i dont know why but i feel its the downpipe without cat thats possibly creating this issue as i friend of mine is almost same setup but with the MIL cheater and has no problem
  2. Yes, actually this was the only error i would get before... and i just ignored it as i know im catless... Yes, i know its one piece... im just no sure if its the catless thing creating this mess or simply i have something faulty... as i dont remember having a P2187 code before... By the way, i did monitor de short fuel trim and it gives a 0 to -95 all the time like crazy... even the O2 signal is 0 all the time. Im going to try this parameters in another car to see if the scanner is really working or just giving wrong measures. Thanks!
  3. Hi! My fiesta has thrown this DTC code recently. Im currently running stage 1 remap from bluefin, with some supportive mods like airtec stage 2 intercooler, ITG induction kit and a downpipe. My guess is that after fitting the downpipe, the O2 sensor is going crazy reading the exhaust gases and giving wrong signals... meaning i should ECU tune it, or simply go back and fit the cat. I think the car wont work properly if with downpipe its not calibrated... Thats just my guess... maybe the downpipe has nothing to do with it and i have some other issue? Thanks!
  4. Hi! im currently having my gearbox ib5 repaired as it broke and im keen on trying that this doesnt happen again. A nice guy in this forum recommended me the quaife limited slip diff for the car. Anyone else that has this piece fitted can tell me how is it? Is it really worth? Will it help my gearbox to be less pressured or its simply for race/track cars? thanks!
  5. Bro i really hope its the clutch as in my case we thought the same and i just played it on the clutch. Although the clutch was quite worn out it wasnt the problem. After mounting the new clutch, the gearbox gave more symptoms like more gears wouldnt enter at all and the 2nd starting crunching... now im looking for a second hand gearbox 😞 i hope you have more luck than me
  6. I know... although i never abused the car as i dont like doing it. I always look after it and maintain it. Most probably ill be getting a second hand gearbox and just replacing it. Ill change the remap bcoz i feel bluefin is quite harsh on low gears for a custom where ill limit the torque so the gearbox doesnt get too much pressure. Lets see... i hope i solve this problem 😞 thanks!
  7. LMAO you are right... i thought as long i use it for daily normal drive nothing should happen... as im not a racer and dont use it for track neither... i guess its an option... thanks a lot bro!
  8. Hi! Im a fiesta 1.0 ecoboost owner, with stage 1 remap (bluefin), airtec stage 2 intercooler, backbox delete + decat, torque mount, turbosmart dual port, etc... and recently my gearbox starting crunching when selecting 2nd and then suddenly it wouldnt go in. I started by replacing the clutch, but the gearbox got worst, so now i know for sure its the gearbox and seems like the 2nd synchros... Knowing the mods in my car... what would be the best solution? getting a second hand gearbox and replacing it? it can happen again... doing the ib6 conversion ? I know bluefin is known by blowing synchros as it increments the torque a lot... im really confused and dont know what to do. Also my economic situation is quite bad right now... Thanks!
  9. I just replaced the clutch for Sachs performance one. So you suggest me to get a second hand gearbox, replace it and fit the qualsd3 diff? my car is currently remapped and im pretty sure the extra torque has helped to kill the gearbox so... im looking for something that prevents this? Thanks!
  10. Hi! just fitted a new clutch, thinking the problem was the clutch... now i need a gearbox. There is one in my local scrappy yard. Whats the qualsd3 diff? Will that prevent from ***** the gearbox again? thanks !
  11. Sounds like my car just one month ago. And it got worst and the. Simply the gear wont go in. Mine in concrete was the 2nd gear. And going down from 3rd to 2nd it wouldn't go. It seems its the synchros gearbox, as the ib5 gearbox are made of chocolate and yes the repair costs a kidney. So im considering conversion to ib6 but its hell confusing for me. Otherwise cheaper option is getting a second hand gearbox... and replacing it. i hope its nothing as serious as i said but it just reminded me of my situation and its a very common fault 😞
  12. Hi! i need help regarding this topic. My gearbox is screwed as the ib5 is a ***** gearbox and im considering converting to ib6 bcoz it doesnt make sense repairing a gearbox that can simply break again. Its all very confusing to me, whats the parts i need and obviously my local garage will have to do the job as im a noob! I dont even know where will i find the parts needed and if it will be more cheap than instead getting the kit from pumaspeed ? thanks!!
  13. Hi all! let me explain properly. I have noticed a click type sound, when for example im stop and put the gear 1 and release the clutch but not the brake, so the car does like it wants to go but cant, when i press the clutch again the motor “relaxes” so here the click sound comes. And then when rolling, im in 1, 2 or 3 gear and accelerate a little and release so when the speed is falling again that click sound. No idea of what it can be ! I recently had my roll restrictor changed for another stiffer but the mount is good and i had it double checked. Seems something with the clutch? Cable could be ? Its almost 100.000km. 1.0 fiesta ecoboost 125bhp Thanks !
  14. Really ? Im interested in it? How much? And whats the state of it? Send me a PM or DM (dunno know how you say it) if you want thanks!
  15. Hi! Im going for a intercooler upgrade because i can really feel the car is asking for it, specially when its hot in here where i live. Plus its stage 1 so it will help too. I have done quite a bit of research and think the best option is airtec stage 2 twin pass intercooler, but its also one of the most expensives one and more for me that i live far from UK (shipping, taxes, etc). I would like to know experiences from people who have it or have used it. Is it really good? Worth the money? Improves performance ? I read that @Paramanic is using it ? Thanks!
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