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  1. You are talking about a car that my wife drives from time to time.............there is no simple solution.......LOL
  2. Ha.....ha..........ha..................ha........................................ha...... I never thought of that....not....
  3. Occasionaly if I leave my MK4 1.8ltr TDCI parked on a upward slope un used for a couple of days it will not start. the engine turns over but dose not start. This has happend to me twice in about 10 months. Both times I called roadside recovery. On both occasions they got it started quite easily by disconnecting the inlet hose from the back of the air box and spraying in some starter fluid while turning it over. Seams to be a fueling problem. Any body got any ideas as to the solution to fix this problem?
  4. Recently we bought a second mondeo for my wife. It came with the standard flat key, however my wife would like the flip keys for her car. I have seen on line people selling second hand keys (previously cut) with all the electrics inside. Also people selling replacement uncut key shells (no electrics). Am I right in thinking that I could buy 2 second hand keys, 2 uncut shells. Get the uncut shells cut and swap the electrics into the newly cut shells. and move the small transponder chip (the one in the small glass vile) from the existing key into the new shell and reprogram in the the car. to end up with 2 flip keys that will work.
  5. I was having a problem on cold mornings when there was frost, an traced it to a krackerd battery which has now been replaced and everything starts ok.
  6. I am repeatedly getting a code P0380 on my fault code reader but I am not getting any other warnings such as the engine malfunction light. the car appears to be running well. Should I be worried?If i should, where should I start? It is a MK4 mondeo 1.8 tdci with approx 112000 on the clock.
  7. Sorry Stoney, didn't know it was against the rules.
  8. I have a new battery to fit on my 2007 Mondeo, but can I find my Radio Code.....NO...NO...NO.... Is there anyone on the forum who can get Ford Radio Codes as my local dealer wants £20 to look it up on their system. Can anyone help?
  9. I saw the spec for the springs further up the thread. Is this spec sufficient to lift a tailgate with a fitted spoiler or dose it need a different spring and gas strut combination? I have 2 Mondeos that I would like to modify one a Titanium Xand one a Zetec, both fitted with the standard ford spoiler.
  10. Thanks for that, sorted now. A second question you might be able to help me with is........ when I press and hold the open button all the windows open, However when I hold the lock button only the rear windows close, not the front.ones. How do I fix this?
  11. Just got her ladyship a 2lt 2008 Zetec. It came with 2 keys. however 1 would not unlock it remotely. so I changed the battery and still not working....... I watched a few videos on Youtube on key programing........ I went and sat in the car with both keys (opened it with the one that works) did the 4 turns of the key until it beeped then pressed a button on the key. after that the key that didn't work before now worked, the one that did work now doesn't....... Where did I go wrong.....
  12. Finally got a chance to try to fit the power socket, pilled out the carpet like panel on both sides but could not find the orange wire. found the reverse park module and followed the wiring loom back but could not find it. is there another live wire there that I could use?
  13. I know that when I fitted parking sensors to my previous cars I would install a switch to activate the front sensors as I didn't like them being activated via the brake light as the sensor kit instructions recommended. Has your car got sensors fitted on the front? get someone to walk up to the car without the switch on and then try it with it on? the other option is dose it have a power socket in the boot? sometimes people install a switch to prevent power drain if they leave the car with something plugged in. I know I am about to do it in mine as it saves trying to get to the socket if the boot is full, however I will fit mine to one side on top of the plastic trim in the boot.