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  1. Hi All, a friend needs a jump start and I happen to have some leads. Is it ok to jump his car from my 2014 Fiesta? I only ask as I've heard people talk about issues with the electrics on modern cars from jump starting. I don't think i've had to do this in about 15 years 😄
  2. I quite liked having the option to change playlists, plus for some reason the car has an issue with the way I say 'play' when connecting to bluetooth, seems I have to say it in a certain way. Also spotify seemed to work well if you were half way into a journey and suddenly wanted to listed to something. With the Bluetooth audio you can't open the spotify app so if you're already driving you'd have to pull over and open it up.
  3. Adam, any luck with getting this working?
  4. the problem is that spotify generally worked well with sync. i could mostly get a playlist playing without touching my phone, if I'm halfway down the motorway and suddenly decide i'd like to listed to something on my phone I won't be able to using the bluetooth connection. I was quite happy to run an older version of spotify but even that work around has now been taken away.
  5. Yeah did think that might be the only option left. I can't see why they just couldn't leave the code in the app.
  6. So... After sucsesfully getting my Fiesta updated to Sync 1.1 I enjoyed many months of using Spotify in my car. Then Spotify it seems decided to stop supporting Ford Sync 1.1 and removed it from future Spotify updates. As annoying as this was I found an old version of the app and continued to use it for quite a while. That is until last week when I went to listen to some music only to be greeted by 'Spotify not authorized' I tried a master reset, logging out and in on the app and a whole host of other things and nothing worked. Interesting after the master reset it worked for about 30 seconds before the message re-appeared. Has anyone overcome this issue at all?
  7. bizarrely this week my spotify has worked every time i've started the car. Not had to re-add the app at all.
  8. I kind of guessed it would be, I mean its not going to be a mis print. Just shocked how high it was, once I arrive and unload would I be best advised to let some out?
  9. Hi All, So i'm taking the fiesta on holiday tomorrow, it is rammed, tent, roof box and all the gear that goes with it. Also might take the wife and boy with me. Anyway, went to the garage to check tyre pressures and thought it wise to use the guide on the door for heavy loads. The front on my 195,55,15's was as expected 33 but the rear 195,55,15's list it at 46.... is that right? I looked multiple times to ensure I had read it right. Yep, 46. So i went for it. I've never had a car that needed anything over 36psi. Can you bods confirm that its right? Don't want to get a blow out down the M4!
  10. Mine is the same, although most noticeable in the damp of winter. Not really noticed it for a while now. I took mine to the dealer, he told me the pads we're at 15% and thats why it probably made the noise. I'd like to think at 15% there would be some life left in them.... oh wait, that was four months ago and they're still fine....
  11. I hope so! my Cruz bars left dents (think i over tightened) so i'm paranoid these are going to damage the car in some way
  12. yes it has the rubber feet, its more the bracket that comes in contact with the bit by the top of the door.
  13. Wouldn't gaffer tape or similar also ruin the paintwork? I want something that I can put on and remove as and when its required. I'll have a look at Heli tape, not heard of it before