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  1. Hi, it's normal for these to have a small amount of oil in that pipe, my 1.5 has done just under 12k and is the same, all the 1.6 tdci I have owned have been like it too so I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Hi all, according to the forscan website the new version is able to access the PCM on the 1.5 tdci to change the config so if it works there is no need to buy / use UCDS to retrofit cruise control, not yet tried it myself though...
  3. That's my position too, I've got the grand cmax and it's really versatile and has a huge luggage area when the seats are folded down, ideal for our wend trips up to our static caravan in mid Wales, the SUV alternative is the Kuga but the luggage and internal space is too small for us, shame but when I change it won't be with ford this time unless they start producing MAVs again......
  4. It probably was but I thought I'd post the link as many people may have missed the announcement....
  5. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/feu/en/news/2019/03/29/ford-takes-further-actions-to-improve-european-business--confirm.html
  6. Is your UCDS the full version and does it have any tokens?
  7. You need to use UCDS to do this. Paul W
  8. Hi, I'd stick to the original mk7. 5 type to guarantee compatibility as wiring / airbag might be different, ask on the forum though as someone might have already fitted one
  9. I wouldn't go for a aftermarket one, you can get a ford steering wheel cheaply from off ebay etc that has the cruise control switches and activate the cruise control using forscan for a fraction of the price of a aftermarket item, if I remember correctly a good aftermarket will set you back about £400 fitted
  10. Tebba


    Hi, on the Zetec grand c max it's not standard fitment to have led Drls, I have the same model year as yours and have had to fit aftermarket items in the lower front grill....
  11. I've had three 1.6 diesels and a 1.5 which I have now, have not had any problems but if buying second hand a full upto date service history is paramount!
  12. Firstly I'd remove the lead that goes to each glow plug and test the resistance with a multimeter of each plug, no resistance indicates a faulty glow plug (open circuit) , you only need one to go down and the car will throw this error but the car will generally start OK all be it a tad rough.