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  1. Mk3.5 Cruise Control Fitting

    Hi Niall, Ive got to exactly the same point on my 2016 Grand CMAX, I used Forscan to activate both the cruise and asl but it does not function ? I have also checked all the components (clockspring, brake / clutch switches & BCM module) between the zetec & titanium versions on the ford EPC and everything is the same except the steering wheel controls which I have on the replacement steering wheel. I have also read my BCM using Focccus and this confirms that the asbuilt data has been changed to with cruise & asl. There must be something software related which is stopping this working for us, any ideas anyone ?? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried to retro fit cruise control on a late 2016 C Max / Grand Zetec ? I have tried but at the moment I am stumped, fitted the correct steering wheel with cruise control switches, changed the as built data in the bcm using Forscan to enable both Cruise control and ASL, cleared all dtc's generated by doing this but it does not function, have read loads of threads on other forums and it should be working or am I missing something ?? Any info or tips will be appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Headlight wiring diagram

    Thank for the info Peter, Unfortunately though none of the diagrams seem to relate to the wiring on my C Max, on these diagrams they show only 7 wires going to the headlight but on my car there are 13 on both the left and right headlights, they are std halogen type without daytime running lights ?
  4. Hi, has anyone got a headlight wiring diagram (14 pin multiplug type) for a 2016 C max Zetec ? Have tried looking on the internet without any luck ! Thanks in advance