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  1. Hi, I'd stick to the original mk7. 5 type to guarantee compatibility as wiring / airbag might be different, ask on the forum though as someone might have already fitted one
  2. I wouldn't go for a aftermarket one, you can get a ford steering wheel cheaply from off ebay etc that has the cruise control switches and activate the cruise control using forscan for a fraction of the price of a aftermarket item, if I remember correctly a good aftermarket will set you back about £400 fitted
  3. Tebba


    Hi, on the Zetec grand c max it's not standard fitment to have led Drls, I have the same model year as yours and have had to fit aftermarket items in the lower front grill....
  4. I've had three 1.6 diesels and a 1.5 which I have now, have not had any problems but if buying second hand a full upto date service history is paramount!
  5. Firstly I'd remove the lead that goes to each glow plug and test the resistance with a multimeter of each plug, no resistance indicates a faulty glow plug (open circuit) , you only need one to go down and the car will throw this error but the car will generally start OK all be it a tad rough.
  6. When you get that box come up about the secondary boot loader just click OK, if you've put those files you've downloaded in the correct place forscan should find them, DO NOT use focccus on your vehicle as it doesn't support it.
  7. If I remember correctly it's lines 20 & 76 that have to be edited in the bcmii for a towbar.
  8. As forscan reads your car data it will cause your dash to display several warnings etc, ignore these it's normal but very scary when you do it for the first time
  9. When you've done that connect forscan back to the car and follow the prompts, click on the chip symbol on the left and pick bcmii main and press the play button on the bottom, it will then display the asbuilt data which you can then modify for your towbar etc
  10. You need to close forscan down and unzip the contents into the forscan folder in my documents on your laptop then restart the program
  11. You need to download this archive which contains the calibration files http://forscan.org/download/CalibrationFiles.zip Unzip them and put them in the forscan folder in my documents on your laptop, you'll be able to access the bcm etc then
  12. I'll second that, I've got that engine in a grand Cmax and have got no vibes at all..
  13. Have just looked on my Ford microcat (parts catalog) and there are only two contact assemblies listed for your focus (clockspring) 1 with lane keeping aid and one without, there is not one listed with cruise control so think this is a red herring, have you checked that the clutch switch and brake switches are correct for cruise control as sometimes on early mk3s they were missing?