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  1. I think you will have a world of pain changing lights. It's the sensor and software side of things that is going to be the main issue. I would just chalk it up as a lesson when buying your next car.
  2. I thought that until I specced my old focus with it. I'm really gutted I can't get it with my next car. There is nothing better than getting in your car when it's really cold and sticking it on with the seats and heated windscreen.
  3. You have a setting in the dash menu for driving in Europe. Has to be changed manually.
  4. Not going go get it fixed before it goes but my heated steering wheel has started not heating in certain areas to the point where only about 30 degrees of the full 360 wheel now heats up. It's going back to a dealership so will leave it to them to sort it out.
  5. Brad8988


    Yea its not great at all lol. I belive the better fuel economy claims that these remaps suggest.
  6. Brad8988


    On a long trip doing 70 on the autobahn with a superchips bluefin installed I can get it up to 37mpg average.
  7. I changed one on my focus as same thing happened to me. Pretty sure they are identical and I did it without removing the mirror cover. Honestly can't remember if I managed to do with with the glass in or out. I think if you look at the new one you will be able to figure out how it's secured.
  8. If you mean the large painted part of the sill you could always clear film it.
  9. So my Edge is a year old in March so it was time to get something else on order as a replacement. To replace it with something as well specced as this with similar size and quality and german it would be a fair bit more expensive. I really wanted something german this time and didn't really need such a large car now. I ended up ordering a petrol audi a5 sportback s line. For your info they are giving me £24k for the edge at 12 months old with 12k miles on it. Not the best price but just easy for me to sell it to the same place I'm getting the Audi from because I have to come back to the UK for just a long weekend to swap the cars. I have liked the edge overall but the quality is not the best with fit and finish. Sometimes the sync3 just restarts randomly and another few niggles. But I understand no car is perfect and even with these problems it's not been a bad car to own. I will have my sport grille and front lip for sale in the new year on eBay if you are interested. Thanks for all the advice you guys have given over the last year. Brad.
  10. Someone by me has a black sport. Looks really nice. Enjoy mate.
  11. If you are looking at used ones definetly try get a sync3. I think they swapped over on cars built around oct/nov 2016.
  12. Mine also has nothing on ETIS.
  13. Had a few small niggles with mine which has all been sorted out. Overall very happy with it and as above make sure you get the LED lights as they are great.
  14. Is it a possibility more light up when emergency stopping to warn others behind?
  15. You would just splice them into the current dlr cables behind the headlights I imagine.