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  1. Dodgy remap?

    I got ym car mapped by a "decent" local tuner and about 5k after that my first and second synchro went and grinder like *****, got a brand new gearbox put in and 3k later exact same issue with first and second. Will this be down to him removing some torque limiter? (guess work) or will there be another reason I'm going through boxes. Just seems like it's too much of a coincidence that after putting 38k on the car it's gone through 2 boxes since a map. Tia
  2. Mk 8 interior

    I expected most of this and I work in a garage so getting around in another car will be fine but I didn't think really think the gear shifter position and hand brake position through haha, and doubt it's 5k diffenecr my ecoboost is probs worth 7 to 8k now haha, I'll see if I can get nay more info or find a Mk8 to have a look at lol, but yeah won't be simple or easy job
  3. Mk 8 interior

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to retro fit a Mk8 full dash into the he 7.5? Love the quietly of the new one but don't fancy the 10k difference to upgrade to the new St line. So if I found a crashed cars interior when they start coming around would it fit? I'm sure they're the snake chassis so it's surely the same width, any help will be appreciated tia
  4. Eco boost gear box

    Sometimes it refuses to let me push into 1st and second sometimes it does but it crunches, it usually likes to go 1st to second alot more than 3rd to second gear. Is it my synchro? Tia
  5. Hey, ive got a remapped 1.0 zetec s and I've just put a r-sport induction on it and I'm not 100% sure but it feels like it doesn't pull as hard? Is this normal? Ahha tia
  6. New alloys for Zetec s. Like to keep stock height

    Thanks for all the help, I had no does what any of these terms or number really meant in wheel terms lol. Just been doing some research of all your figures and I understand it all now I think haha. I think I know what To look for now
  7. New alloys for Zetec s. Like to keep stock height

    Ok thanks for the detailed reply. So are you recommending that I pick a set I like as long as they're the same bolt pattern, width and diameter as my standard 17s?
  8. Ecoboost exhaust recommendations please

    Where are you based mate haha? Do you have a video and a price in mind?
  9. Hey, I'm wanting to get A new exhaust system and I've been looking at militek and scorpion. I'm wanting somthing that doesn't sound farty/raspy and no drone lol tia
  10. Hey, I've had a Zetec s ecoboost for about 2 years now and fancy some new wheel. I wanted to keep the stock suspension setup but don't want arch gap or ***** fitment. Anyone have recommendeds of wheels or the size and offset etc I should look for? Tia
  11. Thanks for the reply, now you that you say it like that I think it would fit haha. I'll probably just risk it rather than stripping the car tbh haha
  12. I'm picking up front and rear half leather st180 recaors tomorrow and was wondering if they will fit in the boot of my 3dr mk7 if I fold the rear seats. Tia