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  1. Big Jake

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone 🤚 I'm on an iPhone - as I posted it I saw it on the bottom of the page! I think it's quite stock really, nothing major changed yet compared to what you see on the roads as normal, but in amongst the shift work I'll get some bits done to it!
  2. Big Jake

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! Newbie here - been lurking around the site and reading posts but thought I'd say hello. My ride is a 2014 Fiesta MK 7.5 1.6tdci - I love the thing! In white so I'm forever cleaning and polishing - would upload a pic yet I don't quite know how... Done a few simple thing myself - lights, private plate ;), debadged the rear (kept the ford logos though!), ordered some springs to give it a lower look - nothing too ridiculous though, I would like to keep the underside of my car! Any other hints or advice I'm sure I'll find around the site! I will see you all around the forum, thanks for reading 🏃💨