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  1. Sonic72

    Auto Relock

    Just tried mine. Titanium with sync3. Relocked at exactly 45 seconds.
  2. Sonic72

    Sync 3 questions

    This happened to me this morning. Checked at lunch time and it fixed itself. On a slightly different note is the clock meant update for Best
  3. Sonic72

    VIN Number

    Thanks Jim, Your a star. At least I know the car is real. It just the waiting game now. It's only been a couple of weeks for me, God knows how you feel after month's. Thanks again JP
  4. Sonic72

    VIN Number

    Hi, I wonder if any of you guys can help. I ordered a couple of day after xmas and was told the car was in the uk. The dealer gave the date W/E 14/1. When I rang on Saturday I was told that this has been pushed back to W/E 21/1. After pushing them they eventually gave me the VIN. When I check this appears to be only the last 11 digits, so I cannot track myself. I was wondering are the first 6 digits common and if so would someone be kind enough to share this missing numbers with me. Thanks JP
  5. Sonic72

    new edge order

    Well order my new edge today. Titanium in magnetic. It's in UK stock so should get it early new year. I did panic a bit after reading on the forum that some are fitted with Sync 2 or Sync 3. The ford website also makes it very confusing. Check with the garage and they confirmed it was Sync 3