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  1. It doesn't harm to try the simple stuff first; try to 'reset' your window button, see this topic: If that doesn't do it then flip out the button by sticking a flat plastic (or screwdriver) under it and check the wires and reconnect it; try if this has fixed anything. I'm afraid you'll come to the last option though..🙄 Your window regulator might be broken; You can replace it yourself easily; just take of the door card and bolt in a new one (make sure you get one with the little motor). There are probably even video's on youtube about this. Hope this helps.
  2. I know right.. "to their ST cars"🙄 I wish manufacturers stopped this dumb trend of putting their performance name on regular, slow cars just to attract people that don't care/know what engine is in it... This is basically the same as when a lad puts M bumpers and logos on his 316i, we all think that is dumb but at the same time people are massively buying m-line/s-line/st-line/you name it
  3. What a bodge job by the factory that is.. Does seem odd to me that the leaking spot is below the place where it is wet. However, water does get everywhere. Have you got rid of the sealant on your light? Can't really change any bulbs when the ***** thing is 'glued' to the car haha
  4. I'd put my money on piston rings, but you'll know in about 2-3 days. Like @ThaiFiesta said, these 1.0's seem to be all good or they have terrible faults...
  5. Are you asking what these parts are? Small square is highlighting where your driveshaft meets the differential. The big square is your oil pan. How is your oil level? And is the other side of the oil pan also as greasy? I would clean everything with brake cleaner (or anything like it) and then take it for a good drive. Then look again, should see where it might be leaking. From looking at this, it might be slightly leaking/sweating some fluid from the diff and the driveshaft is throwing that everywhere (I.e. the oil pan) Also check your rear motor mount, the sound might be your engine banging against something when stepping on the gas. Let someone rev it and see if the engine moves excessively. Hope this helps.
  6. I've recently let mine get changed. I was on 59.000 km's and it's a 2012. I believe the manual says 5 years or 80k. I would advice to just check your manual. I have a mk7 1.6 ti-vct 'Metal' (the 134hp one) for the record. The special tool isn't related to it's advanced timing.. It's a bracket that you put on the pulley to 'stretch' the serpentine belt on by turning it slowly. If you are thinking about doing it yourself, only do that if you have a proper garage and tools. I've changed quite a few belts during my time as a learner mechanic but doing it on a driveway is definitely not worth the couple hundred euro's. (I paid €440/385 gbp including taxes for timing belt/serpentine belt/pulleys/waterpump/fluid and labour) Edit: Let me add that it wasn't at a ford dealer of course and the belts were Gates
  7. Let's start with the dumb suggestions before you try all sorts of things: Are you sure you're not just out of washer fluid?🙄 If not, do a V4 measurement (don't know if it's called that in English too) So check the battery, then over the pump, then from battery to pump and from pump to battery. Do the same for the switch on your steering column. Will tell you exactly what part of the circuit it is broken. Good luck.
  8. Everything is possible but it would be a lot of custom work.. You can get a supercharger for the 1.6 ti-vct which would be easier to do. I've thought about this for my Metal aswell but in the end it's better to wait and buy an ST in a year or so and just do mods for your Metal that can be transferred to the ST (Suspension, wheels, brakes, engine mount etc) Would be great if it was just a case of getting a second hand turbo and manifold from an ST.. Completely different engines unfortunately haha
  9. If it's only first gear then it's perfectly normal. When your car is stationary you can put it in first easily right? There is just a precaution thing that you cannot put it in first when going 40mph for example...