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  1. I haven't managed to get a picture, but I believe to have found this hose to be a cam cover breather hose. Just doesn't seem to go on at all without kinking. In the process of trying to find similar size hoses for it.
  2. Hello guys! I've come across a slight issue with my new Crossover pipe from R-Sport. It seems there is a breather pipe of some sort which connects to the right hand side of the new crossover pipe as seen in the picture and when it came to fitting it, this hose will kink badly, blocking all air from passing through. This obviously in turn will put the car straight into limp mode. I've tried all sort of ways of connecting this hose but it just seems to bend and kink. Has anyone else had this issue and managed to overcome this? I really don't want it to be the case of £100 wasted.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PENsag0jfZs Same, all normal here. Even with uprated stuff. If anyone has the engine cover, does it amplify the ticking sound at all? Or is that just my wishful thinking?
  4. Hello, I have the Fiesta ST-Line 140ps with just over 2,000 miles on the clock. I have noticed this strange, high pitched groaning/whirring sound whenever I try to move in reverse. It's a lot worse when trying to reverse on a hill. I've been told it could be something in the differential. In regards to the issues people have been having with putting their cars in reverse, it's just a Ford thing. Just come to a complete stop with the clutch down and slide it into reverse slowly and calmly. I will say this, sometimes when I do reverse, the gear stick seems to
  5. Well I've managed to squeeze around an extra week of work commuting after using the premium. So I'd say around 5-10 maybe? Maybe more, I haven't fully tested this yet actually. But there is definitely an increase, no doubt. When using normal unleaded, I'd manage to get a full tank to last around 3 weeks, with the occasional socialising on weekends. With premium, I'm easily getting 4 weeks. I topped up last over a week ago, and still I have 3 quarters left.
  6. I thought I'd give the 99 Octane fuel a go from Tesco for my 1.0 Ecoboost 140ps, after being using any normal unleaded since I got it. At first, obviously there wasn't really any difference made. But overtime, (at least 2 tanks) I've started to notice a slight difference in sound. The car seems to sound smoother, and of course a more lively rumble. Is there any sort of difference in performance though? To be honest, not as much as I would've liked to believe. There is a very slight improvement in throttle response, I must say for sure. My overall opinion for premium fuel for the 1.0 Ecobo
  7. Yeah man, hopefully it's nothing too serious. I did have a quick look around the door to check for any dents/scratches etc. Didn't notice anything and the door seems to close okay. Cheers for the info though!
  8. Not so good here. After trying to get out of my car after parking up, my door slipped out of my hands and smacked wide open. Heard some sort of crack from the hinges, but it was too windy to investigate further. Will have a better look tomorrow. :/
  9. Hi guys, I have this issue with my Fiesta which I have picked up on for the last three days. Whenever I come home from work, as I'm parallel parking I notice this strange sound coming from my brakes whenever I let go of the brake pedal. At first I thought I had rolled over some glass, at least that is what it sounds like. I tried to debunk it by turning hill assist off, because I thought maybe it was that disengaging. But no, it kept doing it. It's not a constant grind noise, just the sound of what to me sounds like a piece of glass cracking whenever the brake pedal is let
  10. Hello, I've just had the same problem. I had recently changed my footwell bulbs and have had no problems with them until now. This had literally just happened a few minutes ago, but I started getting the smell you describe. I couldn't find anything, until I looked down in the footwells to find one of them wasn't on (drivers side). I pulled it out and to my expectation, it absolutely stank of burning. Maybe check to see if your footwell bulbs are fully pressed in, since they're only pull out and push in bulbs. Hope this helped. *Edit* Just realised the date of the thr
  11. Hello guys, This is my first post to the forums, so I'm fairly new. As the title states, is there any engine covers I can get for my 2016, 1.0 Fiesta ST Line Red Edition? If so, would it have any effect on my warranty? Probably silly to ask, just want to be safe. Thanks.
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