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  1. Thanks for your replies Russ and Mirco. I've had a look on Euro parts and I could fit this one: into the battery space I think. Or do you think this would be too large a battery for the needs of the car? Thanks for your help guys. Appreciated! Ed
  2. Hi there, Hoping that someone can help shed some light on what battery I need to get for my 2006 mk2 focus. I had a good look online, with different parts suppliers showing different batteries with different codes, leaving me completely confused! From what I have seen on previous threads, I need a silver calcium battery to fit the charging system?? Currently I have an AA "AA005 battery 64ah" battery that's on its way out (not holding it's charge) - confirmed by my friendly AA mechanic. If anyone can shed some light on a battery that would suit that doesn't bugger up my car that would be very much appreciated! So confused! Thanks in advance! Ed