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  1. My 2.0TDCI does mid 40's, and on a long trip Essex to Stockport and back, I still had 128 miles range left in the tank...
  2. I have some Modula bars that cost me about £75... The only issue is that the securing mechanism is a flexible steel strap that goes under the roof rail, but I already had them for a different car and only had to buy the new end piece which was about £20 for the four. Driveden who supply in the UK are very helpful Modula Oval
  3. Had my Mk 2 150TDCi Tit for about a month, and I get early 40's(42-43) for my normal mixed driving (short journeys in the week, longer at weekends) and get high mid 40's (46-47) on longer trips. WIth the proliferation of average and fixed speed cameras, I only m'way cruise at indicated 75
  4. You are deluding yourself... If you put 3 times as much fuel in the car (£60) so long as you are doing the same sort of driving it will last 3 times as long as the £20 you put in. In your Option 2 £20=2-3 days , but in Option 1 you say £60=4-5 days... Let's do an easy sum. in Option 1 instead of saying 2-3 days let's say 2.5 days. If your drive is the same (AND the fuel is the same price per litre), £60 (same as 3x£20) will last you 3x2.5 days... PS my 2.0l 150 diesel does about 43mpg, on my average week (4 miles each way Mon-Thurs, and longer runs at the weekend). On a long trip I see it up around 47-48...😁
  5. After a 10 month gap in the Renault camp, I'm back! Nothing wrong with either (!) Captur or Kadjar, it's just 'er indoors decided we need a caravan, and the quest for fuel economy = light vehicles = won't tow granny!!! After a lot of looking around, tested a Kuga, and it's like coming home... Had the car for two weeks today, and love it, particularly the fuel economy (45.5 MPG indicated) and nearly 600 miles to a tank. The 150 Duratorq is awesome, car is comfortable, and as for Sync 3, well what a step forward... It's a shame that it doesn't have the traffic based re-routing capability of the Renault R-Link 2 (truly unbelievable, I tried to catch it out a couple of times, but learnt my lesson not to be smarter than the computer!) Don't understand the car mag reviews being so middle of the road, it's a way better drive than the Ateca and Sportage, which were the main competitors...
  6. Yeah, but you step up into a Captur, and very much go down into a Focus...
  7. Slightly embarrassed to say I'm going French... 0.9 Renault Captur Dynamique S Nav. A good long road test dispelled the Motoring press thing that it's very slow... doesn't feel that different from the Focus.
  8. Well, after a very happy year, I'm off... Nothing wrong with the Focus, it's been one of the best cars I've ever had, and I still love driving it. But, with a back /knee problem I've had to go for something taller, and am moving marques. I've thoroughly enjoyed being active(ish) here, and all the advice on loads of things has been brilliant. Anyone want a used once set of roof bars for a 3.5 hatch?
  9. It's a VERY bad idea to leave your ventilation on recirculate for more than a few minutes at a time. This stops off the intake of fresh air from outside, and you as a human being will be producing significant amounts of CO2 as you breathe. This accumulates and will reduce your alertness significantly.
  10. I don't believe the issue can be associated with power consumption as the starter spins very quickly... It's just firing that is delayed.
  11. Ecoboost 1.0 doesn't have a choice... unlock car, sit in seat, clutch in, press button...
  12. It cranks like mad and just takes a while to fire, the dealer tested the battery on Monday as I'd reported last week's incident. I'll keep an eye on it
  13. Hi all, My lovely Focus has behaved "outside normal" twice in the last 5 days. Car hadn't been used Wednesday-Friday, and when I got in first thing it seemed to crank for probably 3 times the normal length of time. I paid it no attention, other than filing it away, and since the car was in for annual service yesterday I mentioned it then, and was told basically no fault found. I was happy with that, but surprised when it was the same this morning. It seems to crank for about 3-4 seconds (very lively cranking), long enough to make you think it isn't going to start... Nothing in the info display on the dash...
  14. How do you know? have you measured your standing battery voltage (before starting in the morning), followed by measuring the voltage when the engine is running? My lights barely dim when Start/Stop restarts the engine. There's no effect when the electric screen is on either...
  15. The only missing step I can see is either a soft or hard reset on the phone (soft first, if that doesn't work, hard - i.e. factory reset)... Don't be in a rush to blame the Sync side of it...