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  1. just got my car rebooked in for tuesday 11th after many phone calls to ford customer services and trust ford at castleford ... this wait according to ford due to lack of parts so fingers crossed it should all be done on tuesday
  2. just had my local ford dealership phone me to up to cancel the booking that was on this monday for the work to be carried out .. i asked why ? and their answer was they could not source the parts from ford ... i told them i find it hard to believe and asked when they will get the parts .. their answer was " dont know " told them i was putting a complaint in about this . so i phonned uk ford customer services and told them a few home truths now im waitng until monday for someone from ford to phone back with an answer ***** up in a brewery ... springs to mind
  3. iantt ..... is it something to be worried about ???
  4. just checked out ETIS and its on there also
  5. today i had a notification on my phone from " Ford Pass ".when i looked at it it stated that there was a recall on my car for a " camshaft sprocket" issue with a field service action code of "16B42" i phoned my local ford dealer and booked the car in. has anyone else had experience of this ?
  6. v530anh thats my next on my list ... contact the seller again ... and tell them im going to send it them back ... either a replacement or a full refund
  7. iantt ive just tried as you asked ... and no joy :(
  8. not sure ??? foCCCus isnt working either .. does the cable need to run at a minimum speed ??
  9. Hi dezwz thanks for the quick reply .. i will download it and give it a try and let you know how it goes ..
  10. hello, i've have my car for arround 3 weeks now and i've decided that i would try and enable auto locking so i bought the drivers that came on a disk with the cable would not install so i downloaded them directly from the laptop i use is running on windows 8 when i try and connect to the car using foCCus or ELMConfig ... nothing ive contacted the seller from ebay ... nothing ... can anyone whos used this kind of setup before offer me any help before it all goes in the bin ... thanks ....