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  1. georgewainwright1210

    Gearbox again

    Following on from previous post ( stuck in gear 2006 tdci mondeo ) . The garage have had the gear box out twice now ( so they say ) as they suspected a dodgy seal .they changed said seal ? Sorry forgot to ask what seal . And thought they had solved it as it worked for a short while but it went again so the opened the gear box and changed the seal yet again . And same scenario again . They are now a bit stumped as to why this seal keeps blowing . But back to square 1 with it being either stuck in gear or carnt select a gear with the engine running . I did mention about the selector cables but they said it changes fine without the engine running so I'm presuming they have checked these . If this seal what ever it is that keeps blowing I would of thought is on the hydraulic side of things ? They haven't mentioned the actual clutch assembly itself as being at fault so I'm presuming that's ok? I'll try and find out some more details but untill they are there any gear box gurus out there that may have an idea as to what's going on . Many thanks Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  2. georgewainwright1210

    Stuck in gear 2006tdci mondeo

    Oh it's not a brand new clutch ( was when fitted ) and wasn't fitted by the garage the cars at now but it's about 18 months old and possibly covered 7000 miles at most . If it is the clutch the garage has said doubt you will have a leg to stand on . But we will see once we get inside Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  3. georgewainwright1210

    Stuck in gear 2006tdci mondeo

    Right garage carnt look at it properly until tomorrow. Have now got it out if gear But have said it selects gears ok with enine off but once running won't go into gear but with engine off selects fine . Will see tomorrow I suppose but it don't sound hopeful Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  4. georgewainwright1210

    Stuck in gear 2006tdci mondeo

    And ideas anyone? Have read something about the selector cables coming off the joints ? But would that cause it to be totally stuck in gear ? Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  5. georgewainwright1210

    Stuck in gear 2006tdci mondeo

    Right had a complete new clutch assembly including dmf slave ect About 18months ago and all was fine then the other day couldnt get any gear for love nor money just wouldn't actually shift . But would select ok with engine off . But engine running wouldn't shift . Rac came out and by the time they got there it was all working again ( typical ) anyway he suggested it may be the master cylinder behind the pedal as that was the only bit that hadn't been done. So I ended up getting that changed just in case . 1 day later Mrs was driving and it refused to come out of 3rd gear she managed to limp it to the garage ( wouldn't stall when stationary but was bit shaky when not moving and as soon as the brake was released it would creep forward but like an auto does) Garage have checked the cylinder they replaced and that's fine with no air in it . And has definatly agreed it's well stuck in 3rd gear . They carnt look at it untill middle of next week as they may have to remove the gear box to see what's going on and I do trust this garage as have known they for years . So has anyone got any ideas as to what it may be as I'm sure the garage will find out themselves but I can mention some faults that it could be before they start stripping it completely. Really annoying as the rest of the car is spot on . It's a 2.0 tdci mondeo estate 56 plate Many thanks for any ideas you may have Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  6. georgewainwright1210

    55% off car parts at GSF carparts

    Just a word of warning . These deals arnt all there cracked up to be as many of gsfs prices are seriously inflated to allow for the discounts. I belong to a few forums from classics to modern. And there all saying the same . Just an example I looked at disks and pads with there discount included would of cost £97 the exactly same make of parts from a different supplier with no discount ended up costing me £58 so just check your getting the deal you think you are . [emoji5] Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  7. georgewainwright1210

    Clutch Replacement

    My 56 plate tdci I had hard gear changes and the engine started to rock side to side quite a lot and vibrate . Ended up having the dmf , clutch , and slave cylinder replaced I had a few quotes and it ended up costing £740 which was quite competitive. This solved everything and the engine now runs nice and smooth . The garage did say unfortunately this is a common thing to go with dmf . If it was an earlier mondeo it's a normal clutch and flywheel and would of been half the price . They did show me the old parts and the dmf to be fair had started to chew itself up . So a quote of £130 I would be wary ofr either the mechanic hasn't quite understood what's wrong ? Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  8. georgewainwright1210

    Towbar & Park Assist

    Think so standard bolt on tow ball with the bumper guard on aswell. Think it was a Witter system . Bought it online and installed myself and had has been fine with the sensors the only think I had to do was cut the bumper a bit but it's right underneath do carnt be seen anyway Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk
  9. georgewainwright1210

    Towbar & Park Assist

    I got an o6 estate with sensors and tow bar. Tow bar has never been a problem with the sensors Sent from my SM-J500FN using Tapatalk