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  1. Ok how do I get rid of condensation
  2. Hi I've a 2002 ford focus 1.8 diesel. my problem is white smoke coming out of exasust in the morning but smoke goes away in 10 minutes. Oil and water is OK.does someone have same problem and what is it....
  3. Hi I've a oil problem. Ok I've oil on top of my engine is going to bottom of car and dripping. Only problem I can see is there is a crack on the rubber egr pipe.
  4. I even tryed taken plugs out of Siemens box under dash for 1 hour that didn't work
  5. I tryed taking all plugs out leaving them out for over 1 hour no didn't work for me.
  6. Hi need help. My central locking doesn't open my driver door but opens the rest. to open the door it need to open from inside