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  1. Probably, mines out of that now so that’s why I cracked in with mine but yours with being new I’m not sure
  2. For the number plates it’s £40 a set inc delivery 👍 great quality and I get no end of comments on them.
  3. Hi mate thank you very much, I’m pleased you like what I have done, the splitter is from Maxton Designs and the suspension is from a Fiesta MK7 👍
  4. Hi mate, If you’re on Instagram search for ‘Freshmods’ that’s where I got my sets from 👍
  5. Thanks mate 👍 I used a spray to tint them, removed the lights, masked off what I needed to and tinted 👍
  6. Thank you very much mate, nice words there 🙂👍
  7. Thank you very much for following its progress, a few more bits to come yet 🤗
  8. That sounds like a great plan, if you don’t do it then someone else will eventually, even the 1.0L engine can be pretty quick with some mods, they are great little vans that will steadily become more popular.
  9. I agree, the ride is somewhat harsh on mine now 😂 to be expected and live with it fine. The rear arches on these are lower than the fronts, so looks like the rear sits lower than the front, but mines perfectly level when sat on level ground, kind of like the old Nova’s used to be when they were lowered. tailpipes are are must! And something that will be getting done in the near future, as time goes on more will become available for this van.
  10. Ooh that looks nice! It sits really well how come you want to change the rear suspension? Its nice to see other Courier vans being done now
  11. Thank you for the compliments mate I really appreciate it 🙂🙂 yeah I’m leaving the height how it is, I’m just being daft doing that 🤪
  12. Agreed mate 👍 I found my next mod....but need to keep some things as a suprise 😉
  13. Thank you so much mate, so pleased everyone likes what I’ve done, I put the photos up on a modified vans page on Facebook and it has got over 200 likes and great comments, can’t believe it
  14. Thanks mate 🙏🏻 Pleased you like it, yeah to be honest I’m being abit daft so I’ll leave the front how it is, it’s low enough 😂
  15. Thank you mate, I’m really pleased you like it 👍
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