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  1. Hi , i have just a 2011 fiesta and i would like to know how i would know if my fiesta has the foldable wing mirrors already fitted. I have the wing mirror door switch only for adjusting the mirror glass but if i bought a wing mirror door switch that has the foldable mirror icon would this work or is there another way checking what type of mirrors are fitted. Any help will be very much appreciated. Many thanks Juan
  2. thanks for the advice, i will have a look at the wiring over the weekend and hopefully sorts out the issue
  3. do you think i should take off the blanking plate
  4. Hi I have a 1.8tdci 2007 focus and the engine management light came on whilst my wife was driving back from doing the shopping. I plugged my code reader in and this error code come up P0490 and it has just started, ive got a blanking plate that was fitted over 2 years ago with no problems at all and until now we have had no problems,. Does anyone have any ideas why this has just started and also what things would i need to do to try and find / locate the problem. many thanks Juany
  5. thanks for the info its really appreciated
  6. Hi, my wife has got a mk1 focus with a 6000cd radio/cd player and the radio has now stopped tuning in to any radio stations and im thinking about replacing the unit with a like for like or connecting a standard radio/cd player but does anyone has any idea what iso leads i need many thanks
  7. thank you and yeah mine is also the larger size
  8. Hi, Ive got a 2007 1.8tdci focus and is there anyway of finding out what size lower wishbone suspension arms do i need as there are 2 sizes 18mm ball joint taper and a 21mm ball joint taper Many thanks
  9. thank you so much for your help iantt is very much appreciated
  10. hi, im wanting to change my fuel filter on my 2007 1.8tdci hatchback focus and i was wondering how many fuel filters does it have because i have been told there is 2 fuel filters- 1 under the bonnet and 1 behind or by the fuel tank. would anyone be able to confirm this for me if possible many thanks Juan
  11. Hi, i found some oil on my driveway and took my focus to my local garage for them too look at and the mechanic said its either the vacuum pump gasket or the unit is leaking, i have got another vacuum pump replacement the same part no' which is already on the focus. How difficult is it to do as its only got 2 bolts connected to the engine. Is it something i can do or would i need to get a mechanic to do this, any ideas would be really appreciated. Many thanks - Juany
  12. hi sorry its a caliper hanger not holder sorry
  13. thank you, the reason why i asked was because for i had a rattle under my focus and at first i thought it was the heat shield then i removed 2 sections then still had the rattle so i removed the last section and still had the rattle which then i took the car into a garage and found that the rear driver side brake pads were loose so i had a mechanic come out and replace both sides with new pads and for some reason im hearing a slight knocking or rattle and the mechanic suggested that i get a caliper holder as the brake pad was rattling for a while and thats why im hearing this noise.
  14. hi, i know this will sound daft but can anyone tell me what a rear caliper holder is and if any photos would be great thanks
  15. when the mechanic replaced the intercooler hose he didn't check to see if any other hoses were loose and today the mechanic admitted it was his fault that a water hose was rubbing against a drive pully and split it and now a new hose has been fitted and all working