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  1. When I had the Fiesta it happened to me too. Just put it back and make sure it sits in it's place tight. Normally it should't come off.
  2. Of course and I know that. I was not comparing the Fiesta with the Focus. I was just saying that my fuel consumption is in my eyes poor for a diesel engine. I did own a 1998 Peugeot 106 1.5D 58 bhp non turbo of course. I had it from about 2011 until november 2013 when I got the Fiesta. After all those years I was getting what it was written in the manual 56-64 mpg. The later only after the oil change (every 10.000km). And that car it had to be pedal to the metal almost all the time to get somewhere at decent pace. Nowdays I can't even get close enough to the manual (72 mpg).
  3. Well I am dissapointed with the fuel economy on my Fords. My previous Fiesta mk7.5 with the 1.6 tdci 95 bhp did on average 54 mpg (with a full tank and during 60.000 km). My current Focus mk3.5 with the 1.5 tdci 120 bhp does 49 mpg (with a full tank and I have about 40.000 km now). This was/is done with normal driving towards a bit from time to time more spirited driving, Can I get into 60's? Yes and I have done it trying for 100 km return trip and at 100 km/h on a A road (max speed limit on that road). Can I do it all the time? Of course not. In real world I can't get that. In real world I drive into town and on motorway (at least here) you can't have a pleasant smooth drive because of idiots who drive all over the place. And I don't like to under rev the engine because of the problems that I can get with egr and all that crap if I drive in that manner PLUS the engine doesn't like it because the lack of torque and this last thing is the most annoying thing. You almost always need to be in the correct gear, at least at lower speeds. In my opinion it lacks eleasticity. Some while back I had 2 Focus rentals with the 1.0 ecoboost and they did 40-45 mpg and they were much nicer to drive and a lot more smoother.
  4. I know thx I am using a 64 GB just in case
  5. Great. I am downloading them now but the file is huge 20.6 GB. THX!
  6. I have a mk3.5 and the new one exterior wise it's too.....busy? The only one that looks decent is the ST line but still it's a bit to boy raceish kind of looking. I did test drove one with the 1.5 tdci 120 hp St line 8 speed auto plus almost all the optionals. On the inside it's much better space wise (leg room is much better) and feature wise better too. The gearbox is ok but the engine is still slow and it takes too long too accelerate. I had to do a stanstill aceeleration to join a motorway and it took it's time to get to 120 km/h. I have the same engine but with the 6 speed manual and it's the same, mostly it lacks torque. The 2.0 tdci with 150 bhp and with a bit of moding to 200 bhp it's a beast. After a Fiesta mk7.5 and a focus 3.5 I don't think I will get another Ford next.
  7. I know what the problem is. In Spain they don't have yet the maps for some reason but I can get them of ford uk. I just checked now with my vin and they give me the maps update. The maps are not only for uk no? They update the whole EU maps ?
  8. I did the update yesterday from v2.2 to v3.0. The file has about 2.7 GB. Download it to your PC and unzip it into your PC. You should have only 3 files ( Sync my ride folder with 8 folders inside, autoinstall.Ist and DONTINDX.MSA) and that's it . The usb needs to be formated to exfat and to have at least 32 GB just to be sure. (i RECOMMEND HAVING A usb WITH SOME SORT OF LIGHT INDICATOR). Open it and drag and drop the 3 files into the USB without doing a folder or anything. DO NOT try to unzip these files. I will post a photo so you can see. After it's done, safe remove the usb and go to your car. Unplug and disconect all your devices, usb cables, usb with music, turn off bluetooth, and in the menu turn off auto updates. START the car and when the screen is fully on plug the USB into the car. THE UPDATE HAS TO BE DONE WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. If you have a light indicator on your USB you can tell when it is working. On the screen you will see a prompt after about 2minutes just be patient. After about 5-8 min the system will reboot. When the system will restart, if you turned off automatic updates it will tell you....AUtomatic software updates ...or something like this, and you have to press NOT RIGHT NOW...do NOT press yes or no. AFter this it will continue to install. It will finish in about 20-30 min. When it is done it will say finished instalation or along this lines. You are done. Remove the stick turn off the car, get out, lock the car, wait about 2 min, enter the car and start the sync 3 and check the update version to see the version. Then go back to your pc, insert the usb and enter on fords webpage https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ and press I have successfully instaled the software and it will ask you for a folder that sync installed on your usb in SYNC MY RIDE folder. On the bottom there will be a new file with your vin number at the end. That is the file. Job done.
  9. I managed to do the update to v3.0 but can't seem to find an update for the satnav. I still got the original version 4. I tried on the webpage and via wifi and there are no more updates available
  10. Oki doki. Thx for that . First I will have to get a bigger stick than I will give it a try next week.
  11. Yes I do have navigation. Will it update the maps too or for that I have to pay Ford? The download it's not big (2.56GB) or is it? Hope I will not mess it up. Supose I can always revert to factory settings, hopefully. Thx a lot!
  12. I don't know if this topic was talked about but did any of you updated sync 3 to the latest version? I have sync 3 with version 2.2 from factory and I would like to go to version 3.0. There is an update for my car because I have found it on Ford's webpage. Is 3.0 the latest version or there is a newer one (3.2 for example)? Will I ruin my system if anything goes wrong and can I revert to original one if the update goes south? Is it better to do via WIFI or via USB dongle? THX!!!
  13. My "rubber" trim on the side of the windshield and top of the doors look a bit worn. The ones on the doors more than the windshield. They were not looking great when the car was new and they had kind of a oily aspect to them. Now they get dirty very quick and dirt seems to go inside them and it's a pain to clean. The car is just 6 months old!!!! Anybody else had/has this issue? What can I use to clean/protect it? I don't really like to use anything on rubber but this is p1ss1n' me off. Thanks!!! P.S. Now the car is clean but it will get dirty quick so I can provide pictures later on.
  14. I don't think Fiesta has service indicator.
  15. I did live in the UK for more than 10 years and worked as a roofer so I know what rains is, but at least you don't get muddy rain over there ;).
  16. What Andy said but make sure that you drive in a lower gear than normal. Keep it around 2500 rpm. The 6th gear is quite long so depending of your speed keep the engine a bit reved up. You don't want to drive at 50mph in 6th at about 1500rpm for example. It happened to me 3 times 2 weeks ago and i was so fed up with it that I took it for a spin quite fast on some empty roads and it did the trick. The only trouble is that I can't do it all the time. Make sure you cool the turbo after and don't stop the car immediately after the run and make sure you don't park over something that can catch fire easily.
  17. I was thinking the same thing. This is really annoying. They should put a notification in the dash or something, exactly like a computer update. It should let you know that it wants to start a regen and you should be able to tell it yes or no, it should show you a percentage or something and when it is done. This can avoid soooo many problems.
  18. I had a 2013 mk7.5 1.6 tdci 95hp and in the book it says it has 40l but i managed to put in 41.37 L and I was not on 0 range but close by.
  19. I have never used this kind of stuff. I have to order some products and maybe I will try some BH products. I have a Farecla body prep deco shampoo now.
  20. Thx. It looks really nice. Was your chrome grille a bit rusty ish/ tarnished? I had to use some polish on mine because it was and i know I am not the only one. The patern of the leather seats looks different than before no? But i see they still have the same "problem". The bum area lifts up kind of. What buttons do you have next to the shifter? 2 for parking and heated steering wheel?
  21. No worrys. Not your fault. The car is still new, 2700 miles on the clock and never had work done to it. Maybe they toped it up at the 2000 miles "friendly service" as they call it here when I took the car for the check up. This is what they do here . Can't wait to see pictures of your car.
  22. Uffff..what a bad weekend. Yesterday the car got dirty again, because of a 15 min quick rain and today...I decided to check the oil and take some photos of it. A 2 min job took me about one hour hahahaha. I managed to drop the phone in the engine bay under the engine and there's a engine protection under. Good job I have a spare wheel, although I didn't want one, because I had to take the left wheel off to be able to fish the phone out. The oil is not bad. On the tissue it looks black but on the hand it looks like oil, very thin oil.
  23. Thx. I have the same ones but in the nornal colour. They look cool in black.
  24. I have no idea how quick it turnes black. I will check it when i have a moment. Maybe i will take a photo too. I have now about 4500 km so it should be quite new....i guess. I am curious to see it because i think it runs 0w30. What type of Michelin's? Hp or Primacy 3 ? And on 17" or 18"?
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