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  1. Cheers, i had that same news from someone i know although now i have found someone that can change all my leds for me
  2. I bought these for my mk6 08 and have not had a problem with them yet at all
  3. Dont know if it helps but in my mk6, once before i changed the battery but it wouldnt start as for some reason when i replaced the battery the fuel cut out went on. Dont know if its the same on the 09 but mine was behind the glovebox where the fuses are, but up and left from the fuses was a yellow button. Other than that, have you tried jumping it with leads then give it a good run for half hour or something sitting on the drive? Might be worth a go
  4. Im currently changing all the standard green illuminations in my fiesta to blue.. heated screen buttons, boot button, window buttons all hone blue so far and now im at the headlight switch. I have found one thats been pre-made already on ebay that is for a mondeo mk3.. exactly the same but can anyone tell me if the mondeo mk3 switch would have the same plug on the back as my fiesta? Might sound like a really stupid question but i thought itd be worth a go if it does then ill buy that instead of fiddling with leds myself. Or, does anyone know anyone that can help me with changing led
  5. I did mine the other day. Changed my standard green illumination for a white led. You have to take the actual button off the front and reveals the bulb.. you do have to solder the new one back on
  6. No no dimmer knob. All the warning lights are fine but all the others like speedo and heater controls dont work and also the numberplate lights are still not working. Fuses look fine, that is of corse if im looking at the right ones! Lol
  7. Hi. Ive been looking at changing my standard steering wheel for a new momo, im just thinking as the momo has no airbag it will make it an mot failure? And if thats the case, how would you fit an aftermarket steering wheel and atill pass the mot? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. Really looking for some help before i go and pay a fortune somewhere. ive had no numberplate lights for a while now so i decided to put in the led's and they blew straight away. Made my whole dash stop lighting up so naturally i went straight for the fuses. Fuses all looked fine but changing them did get my dash working for about a day until it went again. Fuses all still look fine but i decided anyway to go back to my original standard numberplate lights and the result is that i have gone back to standard, i have new bulbs, fuses are all completely fine and my numberplate li
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