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  1. Thanks for replys I think I'll leave the changing auto oil it could cause problems I checked the auto oil level and I think it's ok it wasn't very clear even a bit too much but it's been fine for 4 years I'm going to check again when coke to try and figure out the gauge. Will just change the belt and water pump going to look at my Haynes manual to see if I can do this myself or go to a garage- can a DIY mechanic do this job? Also going to change the oil and filter used to leave it for over a year and 10000mls but recently heard should be changing every 4000.
  2. I have a 2005 1.6 petrol with 100000mls up got it in 2016 with 65000 no service history has been great for last four years and still is but wondering should I change the automatic gear oil? And timing belt and water pump?
  3. Thanks for info sorry for late reply, I have noticed the car has started to feel different in the last year doesn't feel so firm and solid as before and definitely not as responsive to acceleration, also had to change the exhaust and a spring in last six months will look into timing belt and tensioners but think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy a more up to date model but I like automatics and 2012 Focus Automatic 1.6 to 2.0 range from around £5000 to £6000 grand so maybe I'll have to go for a manual this time to save a few quid or go for a Cat N
  4. I've had a 2005 Focus 1.6 Ghia Automatic since 2016. It's been a great car never gave me any trouble. Was going to change recently but now decided not to I think I can get another 40000mls from this car. When I got it, it had 65000 miles, since then I've changed oil and filter every year and plugs once and also I changed air filter (bit of a nightmare but eventually sorted it) Also did discs pads etc My question is with a Focus of this age and mileage what should I do to keep it going? I think I should change gear box oil but auto gears are working fine so if I changed oil could it cause problems (if it's not broke don't fix it) also could I change gear box oil myself or do I need to go to a garage? (But I like to do stuff myself if I can, if auto gearbox change is like an oil change then I can do it) What else can I do as a diy mechanic to keep my car on the road? Thanks
  5. Thanks for replays but do you think I should change plugs or just leave them? What else would cause a car to become sluggish not as responsive on accelerator as before- Car has always been fast and frisky since I got it at 60000mls but now seems dull, I have changed air filter at 80000mls plus done oil and filter changes every year since 2016
  6. Full Refund from Dealer obviously over the moon they didn't have to do that really happy I was dealing with good people won't tell you who it was because same as I'm a power seller on eBay when people think they are being kind because I sorted their defective purchase and they tell people about it my Sales dip for about two months
  7. Just realised changed plugs last March 2019 so only done about 9000 miles since. Reason why I wanted to change I noticed the car was getting very sluggish on a journey after about 100miles acceleration was terrible so thought it was the plugs, a Dealer changed oil in January so maybe he put stupid oil in it I always use 5w30 Fully Synthetic any ideas?
  8. And unsurprisingly in those Countrys the death rate by road accidents is far higher than per capita it should be. Sorry for late reply I believe the Dealer has been extremely helpful and should get the situation sorted. As regards English drivers maybe I was too harsh I used to be quite a fast driver myself but I was always courteous but now don't drive fast on the road instead I do Trackdays both bike and Car so get my speed thrills there I go to kirkistown (photo) and Mondello and I've been on the road from Newtonards to Ballyhalbert and you're right it is like a racetrack saw some mad things on that road over the years and some terrible accidents mostly motorcycles
  9. I've got new plugs for my 2005 1.6 petrol (see photo SP008SI are these the right ones?) , do I need to gap the plugs before installing? Also how much n/m should I torque them to? Thanks
  10. Thanks for replays I actually think 70% of people are good online or off!
  11. PS While in England over from Ireland driving I thought English people were supposed to be mannerly but man are they rude and have very little patience behind the wheel for someone like me who didnt know the road looking for an exit etc I thought Irish drivers were bad but have to say English drivers are terrible Seriously what the hell are you going so fast for all the time JUST RELAX people What happens to people when they get behind the wheel? Can't be new money that was done and dusted in the eighties must be society is more competitive now whatever ***** just respect people be treated as you would like to be treated
  12. I bought a used Ford Focus today and I believe the automatic gearbox isn't working correctly. I thought it felt a bit weird on test drive and brought it up will the Dealer but then I just thought I was being too picky. But now having driven 300mls its definitely not right. Also unfortunately I didn't go for the offered Warranty because it was only a few months I thought the car would b fine. I contacted Dealer (I don't live near to him) and he said not much can be done but agreed to pay for a diagnostic test (I don't think this would help because believe it's a mechanical problem) I would like to return the car tomorrow but what are my Rights? I've heard of a 14 day cooling off period but does this apply to used cars?
  13. Also am I putting grease in the right place? Or should I cover the calipers and everything with grease?
  14. Thanks for info will try ceramic grease, can I spray brake cleaner everywhere around the brakes or should I try and not put on the pad surface? Re copper grease the motor factors gave me this stuff (see pic) I didn't use it cause I had an old tub of copper grease in the garage but maybe the old copper grease I used isn't the same formula as the stuff in picture?? Completely flying blind here!
  15. This sound is constant throughout the day but only on corners. I used copper grease on the pins and at the back of the pads. Sorry don't know what anti squeal shims are or what make the pads are just got them from a motor factors