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  1. So now all sorted went to Garage told it was a bearing and would cost around £120 to fix which obviously I'm very happy about Thanks for all the helpful posts
  2. Thanks for replys great info there, and you describe it better than me it is a 'drone' not a whirring! I think it has to be a bearing, it is loud enough now for anyone to hear not just the daily driver (me) Again no knowledge of this but surely the longer its left and not fixed the more likelihood that it will effect stuff around it? I've decided to go back to Garage tomorrow. Will let you know what they think. What can I expect to pay to get the Bearing sorted? I try to do stuff myself cause think local garage charges too much but I need a professional to do a Bearing Wouldn't have a clue!
  3. Wheel Bearing- Garage told me if Bearing would hear sound all the time, right corners and left corners and straights etc cv joint- don't know what that is? I'm a home mechanic oil, filters, pads etc so no idea what a cv joint is? But I'd like to know cause with my Haynes manual I'd say I could sort it, as long as professional equipment isn't required
  4. For a few weeks now I'm getting a whirring noise when I go round lefthand corners. There is no noise when going straight or on right hand corners. Went to a garage they said were not sure but I know the road they use for test drives and there's no left hand corners! I took off front right wheel yesterday and to my uneducated eye everything looked fine, nothing seemed loose and nothing was rubbing on tyre. Anyone any ideas, there is DEFINITELY a noise and it's getting worse, could it be the bushes? If so can a home mechanic replace these? Thanks
  5. I have a 2005 1.6 Petrol Auto with the orange Engine Management Light on. Went to local garage got some error codes cant find them now but something like pte2002 at the time did search and said O2 Sensors so changed O2 Sensors still light stayed on. There may be loads of causes for the light but there must be common ones, can i suggest people who have had this problem tell us how it was resolved, i dont mean resetting the light or disconnecting battery- i mean you got this warning light and whatever was done to the car caused the light to go out and stay off, i think many people would be interested in this info. Thanks
  6. Thanks for info thought that the CC will now be only used on motorways
  7. I'm quite lazy so even on twisty A Roads I like to use CC the engine revs hard from time to time when I come to inclines to maintain the speed Is it better for fuel economy to not use CC in above situation and only use it on Motorways? Thanks
  8. Make sure the two number plate lights are working
  9. Thanks for all info, my last car was a modern diesel so this is a big change, i feel a bit better now but wish i hadnt changed the O2 sensors! Also i think the 140mls a tank is a mis-calculation on my part more like 360. Just happy that the mileage im getting is normal for this car Cheers
  10. I bought a 2005 1.6 petrol Ghia Auto last August. It had 64000mls with full service history. I'm very happy apart from the mpg. It drinks petrol. I drive like a nun and i still only get about 30mpg in the country, if i start driving fast i actually think i can see the dial moving, if i drive at about 70mph im getting 20mpg. I did a bit of research and got the O2 sensors changed (£80 for each +time=£240 unbelievable) didnt make any difference. Any ideas? Is 30 to 35mpg normal for this car? I'm getting about 140mls per tank. Any info appreciated
  11. Is lambada like the O2 sensor? Since I got the car the mpg is very bad and looking online this could be faulty O2 sensors to/from the Cat, which also come up on dash as Check Engine symbol?
  12. Hi, I bought my 2005 1.6 Focus Ghia Auto in August big time happy with it, 65000mls with full Service history good solid car. But the 'Check engine light' came on steady in last two days, went to local garage they got these codes and then reset which made the warning light disappear: P20e2 : [25,10,20,ez] Please refer to relevant technical manual P0070 : Ambient air temperature Sensor Circuit Garage weren't sure about codes Have looked into these i believe the P20e2 is something about the exhaust?? But not sure. Can anyone help? Thanks