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  1. Just had a look, does one box contain two bulbs or just one?
  2. I searched on Google for what to do and found the load resistor fix, I have now purchased some, but have yet to fit them. I only posted that I had sorted it, but that was in response to my own question
  3. Hi, I have recently bought some LED indicator bulbs for the front and rear of my 2013 Fiesta. When installed they work great, but when you indicate they flash really fast. Anyone else had this issue and how to fix it please? Many thanks, Sean
  4. Hi all, I washed my car at the weekend and now when I put the car into reverse, I get a constant tone like there is something blocking the sensor. Is there an easy fix for this? Many thanks for your time.
  5. Many thanks, that makes things a bit easier. Does the LED just pull out? I will in future, thanks for the advice. Sean
  6. Sean_SSW

    Rev lights LED.jpg

    Superbright LED reversing lights!
  7. This is a comparison from a Halfords LED to some better ones that I found on Amazon. The Halfords one is on the left.
  8. Sean_SSW

    LED Num plate.jpg

    New LED's fitted to number plate
  9. Sean_SSW

    Map light 1.jpg

    New LED fitted
  10. Sean_SSW

    Map light.jpg

    Old halogen bulb
  11. Sean_SSW

    Boot light 1.jpg

    This is the new LED fitted
  12. Sean_SSW

    Boot light.jpg

    This is with the halogen bulb
  13. Sean_SSW


    Hi, I want to change the colour of the above glove box light strip from red to blue. How on earth do I remove the strip? Many thanks for your time.
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