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  1. avi

    WeatherTech mats.... Good deal on

    Weathertech did a version with and a version without the front passenger side retainers. AFAIK only the later Focus had the passenger retainers installed at factory. As long as its Weathertech part 4410001 it should have the passenger side retainers, but the RHD model specific image on the CP4L site shows the older version with only driver side retainers.
  2. avi

    WeatherTech mats.... Good deal on

    Are the fonts the version made for the Focus with the passenger side carpet retainers ? I have the rear already but it's a PITA slips around and gets pushed under the seat.
  3. avi


    Looking at the VIN you posted ETIS shows that car as "Less Sync".
  4. avi

    As long as it's black......

    Diesel (1.5L EcoBlue) can be specced with auto or 6 speed manual transmission as far I can see. I suspect the available options will grow.
  5. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    Hopefully not something that involves dismantling the interior to swap.
  6. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    Sound about right. The current Ford update doesn't change the map version so that stays the same as before.
  7. avi

    Infomation menu on dash

    On mine (2017 Ti x) the "information" section covers "My Key" and "System Message" info. The tyre pressure monitoring option is under the "driver assist" menu options along with things like traction control, hill start assist, city stop and my key options.
  8. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    I believe Ford changed to a new supplier of Sync 3 hardware for 2018 model year. According to info on another forum there is a hardware difference, but I don't know if this is part of your issue.
  9. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    Is your car a 2018 model year ?
  10. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    Sounds like you may have bigger problems than just a software update.
  11. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    Not officially released in the UK as a consumer update but the updates are available for download from Ford servers (links in Focus forum) My Sync 3 software is now "version level" with key system and map files starting "JR3T", so v3.0.18025 for apps/nav pack voice and 3.0.18010 (F7) maps.
  12. avi

    Sync 3 version 3

    I had similar GPS issues several weeks ago following the 2.3 update . Since going to v3.0 and F7 maps I haven't experience any GPS issues.
  13. avi

    Shell V-Power, is it any good?

    I can't comment on Vpower, but I use BP Ultimate. The reason I choose to use this is because the additional additive pack helps to reduce crap build up in engine which helps long term engine health. I tend to keep my cars for a while so long term is a consideration.
  14. avi

    Mobile Wifi

    lol So do I. Tethered 12GB last time we went on hols.
  15. avi

    Upgraded From F5 Map to F6 Map !!!

    Not sure about traffic on Sync 2, but on Sync 3 traffic info shown on the map via the Live Traffic option set in the Ford Pass app which requires a connected phone with mobile data.