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  1. The change from Mk3.5 Sync 2 to Sync 3 was for 2017 model year cars, so cars build from Q3 2016 onwards. I understand Ford also use different Sync 3 hardware specs i.e. some have more memory, so I suspect some versions Sync 3 software are not backward compatible.
  2. Sync 3 climate options are model specific. It's not that Sync 3 can't provide climate on the Focus, just that Ford chose not to enable it.
  3. AFAIK when Ford introduced Sync 3 on the Mk 3.5 Focus it dropped the Sync based climate option that was available with Sync 2. I understand it may be possible to hack Sync 3 to activate this feature.
  4. I can't recall if it does, but it might. That said, there are numerous options providing near real-time traffic info on Sync3, so it's a none issue. I recall Waze warning me about potholes and a speed camera van.
  5. It uses data received via radio, which is then integrated into Sync 3 Nav. If you use the "show traffic" voice or screen command, it will show all or on-route traffic issues. IIRC you also get a prompt with rerouting options during nav. I don't recall it highlighting roads on the map like Sync 3 live traffic or google maps traffic. I like using google maps with satellite imagery option, and I won't be paying Ford for what I can get for free.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_message_channel Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to motor vehicle drivers. It is digitally coded using the ALERT C or TPEG protocol into RDS Type 8A groups[1] carried via conventional FM radio broadcasts.
  7. I suspect it does, based on the fact that I've been rerouted due to traffic, but my phone wasn't connected to the car.
  8. I don't know for sure, but I'd suspect not if it's designed for different hardware version.
  9. There is more than one version of Sync 3 hardware. IIRC the latest is from Panasonic and has more memory than the earlier version, hence it's likely there are software differences which is why the update is based in VIN.
  10. I tend to use Apple Carplay and there are several free options for live traffic using map or nav apps.
  11. Not cheap. From memory, the list price is around £70 pa.
  12. Yes on the pre 2017 model year cars. It became standard in the 2017 model year on Zetec up.
  13. Looking at the Ford UK price list effective 6/2/2017 navigation is standard on the Zetec up, but prior to this, it was a £300 option. So I guess if the car is a "17" plate it's probably an older build registered after March 1.
  14. Seems odd that Sync 3 on 2017 Ti X doesn't have navigation. If you have the VIN its possible to double check factory spec using ETIS. I have a 2017 Ti X nav is standard. Waze, Google and Apple Maps work fine with Sync 3 Carplay/Aauto.
  15. avi

    sync 2

    Yes re the SD card. No Sync 2 doesn't support Apple Carplay.