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  1. Yea Ford deals are expensive. Just had my 3 year major service and MOT at a Ford dealer and total came to £285, including 1 year Ford breakdown recovery, which is a pretty good cover based on my experience. According to the invoice for a 1.5 diesel the only parts used are the oil filter, air filter and fuel filter, plus oil and gasket. Just as an FYI there's also a Ford UK deal at the mo if you book a service on line via Ford UK get 20% off.
  2. Was deleted from from MY 2017 MK 3.5 diesel models. Don't know about Mk 4.
  3. avi

    Mk4 modem

    Is mobile airtime free for life in the car hotspot ? What network does it use, on what tariff ? If it's free and never expires even if you don't use it, then I agree. I use my phone as a car hot spot so the kids/missus etc can use their tablets for music, video etc. Works a treat, but eats a lot of data on longer journeys. Good news is it doesn't cost me anymore, as it's included in my £15 pm phone plan. If its free to do this using the car mobile connection that great, if not it "may" be cheaper to use the phone as a hotspot depending on how much data is used and the phone airtime cost.
  4. avi

    Mk4 modem

    Using the phone doesn't require an additional sim card or cost anything more if used within your data allowance. My phone as unlimited data, so no point paying for an extra sim as I always have the phone with me. The Mk3.5 doesn't have integrated mobile.
  5. avi

    Mk4 modem

    Will the car connect to a mobile phone hotspot ? In my Mk3.5 the car wifi connects to my phone hotspot, so it just uses data on phone as a tethered device.
  6. Does you car have an auto lights on option ? Could it be dimming because the auto lights on has been triggered and it dims the dash etc ?
  7. Didn't need to use the log file, as it looks like the car updated Ford when it was connected to Wifi.
  8. We had a similar pool of water in boot. Turned out a join in the rear washer feed pipe in where it meet the tailgate had come loose, so every it was used some water ran down the back of the roof trim and ended up in the boot.
  9. Do you know the manufacturing build date of the car ? If it's October 2016 of later it should be Sync 3, and it's easy to spot because the versions look different, with Sync 3 having icons in a line along the bottom of the display to select the different functions, such as "Apps", which Sync 2 doesn't. Unfortunately there can be a big difference between when a car is built, which determines spec, and when its first registered.
  10. The change from Mk3.5 Sync 2 to Sync 3 was for 2017 model year cars, so cars build from Q3 2016 onwards. I understand Ford also use different Sync 3 hardware specs i.e. some have more memory, so I suspect some versions Sync 3 software are not backward compatible.
  11. Sync 3 climate options are model specific. It's not that Sync 3 can't provide climate on the Focus, just that Ford chose not to enable it.
  12. AFAIK when Ford introduced Sync 3 on the Mk 3.5 Focus it dropped the Sync based climate option that was available with Sync 2. I understand it may be possible to hack Sync 3 to activate this feature.
  13. I can't recall if it does, but it might. That said, there are numerous options providing near real-time traffic info on Sync3, so it's a none issue. I recall Waze warning me about potholes and a speed camera van.
  14. It uses data received via radio, which is then integrated into Sync 3 Nav. If you use the "show traffic" voice or screen command, it will show all or on-route traffic issues. IIRC you also get a prompt with rerouting options during nav. I don't recall it highlighting roads on the map like Sync 3 live traffic or google maps traffic. I like using google maps with satellite imagery option, and I won't be paying Ford for what I can get for free.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_message_channel Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to motor vehicle drivers. It is digitally coded using the ALERT C or TPEG protocol into RDS Type 8A groups[1] carried via conventional FM radio broadcasts.
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