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  1. HOW are some of you getting such cheap insurance?? Ford Fiesta ZS Red Edition Age:20 insurance quote as my renewal is coming up end of February at about £1200 WITH a black box thats with 2 years NCB and license for 2 years 😭😭
  2. @Iam2deck yeah I was definitely sure where you took the pictures haha can you link the Surrey customs group for us please haha, and yeah I want to go to ford fair this year gonna wait till I get paid and snag a ticket if I can 👌🏽
  3. Cheers @b4zz and yeah I think I'll defo get rear disc conversion for sure! @ThaiFiesta
  4. @Iam2deck This is a small world i live in the same town as where those pictures of your car were taken, pretty sure thats the Swan Pub ahha! Also that's really nice defo like that car.
  5. Looks great, im not one for vans but this is really nice good job.
  6. Hello everyone, since buying a Ford in January and posting in the new members topic(Also January) i have not done a single thing on the forum since then, however i'm here today to show you what I've done with my car and what i hope to achieve next. Quick Side note: 1) I'm young and insurance skyrockets with modifications of the performance type, so yes i will be doing exhausts/remaps/air filters etc etc, but not until next year on my second NCB. :) 2)All of this was done by myself, everything. I'm fairly proud however constructive criticism is advised! 3)Any future modifications you want to suggest i'm absolutely all ears on it. Ok, so firstly my engine bay, now as said in the quick side notes unfortunately i can't go around buying cold air intakes and primary and secondary induction hoses which sucks, however i have made the most of it buy doing a little bit of personal styling. Primary induction hose and Air box have all been sprayed Red, and then once it was dry it was coated with lacquer for a bit of extra protection. I wanted to take out the Secondary hose and paint that but i couldnt seem to be able to take off the breather pipe? i tried looking online and on here and for the life of me i just couldn't find it, so i left it how it was.(Besides those two circular clips that attach it to the "Engine" sorry my car savvy is about 2/10, were awfully hard to put back on when they went off. Right, so Secondly i decided to give my interior a new breath of life aswell, The side trim where the door handle is, the main center console, and the plastic bit that covers your ford sync screen thing were all taken off and recoloured. I did this by using a lacquer remover type solution (Not used on the ford sync casing) to, well remover the lacquer and then i re-colored and re-lacquered for a protective finish. The i guess "Upper" center console(Radio controls volume control etc etc) was going to be taken out and re-coloured but i didnt realise the trim and the actual hardware were all as one bit? i'm sure there is a way to separate them but looking back on it i like how it is. Next i did the gear knob, it wasn't necessary but the plastic bit on top of the Ford gear knob came loose and was only being held on my one little plastic clip, so i decided to change that because why not? Well, Finally exterior mods, and i don't have much to say about this but all i've really done is install wind deflectors. I am planning on replacing the OEM aerial because it's just so unnecessarily big and looks out of place, i am also looking to have new badges to match the red, and i want to install a different rear bumper ( Will be done when i can modify the car to replace the exhaust system and maybe a triple-r composite splitter for the front. I will also be looking at re-colouring my brake pads or just waiting and buying some Red Brembo ones but i don't know yet, the one thing that is stumping me, is if i do decide to just re-colour the pads, do i also do the rear drumbrakes? or just get diskbrakes for the rear and have them red, don't really know. Anyway that's everything, some of the things i'm planning to do at the moment wont be done for some time but i'll get around to them and anything else i do ill be updating the post when i can as well. :) Thanks for taking the time to read it. Also please excuse the mess of photos i typed all of this and then decided to do the photos afterwards, its all in chronological order so its pretty easy to see what i've done. Also Alsom these bottom pictures are just a few "During process" ones, and finished product pictures (No chronological order).
  7. @Kylefozzz cheers mate, got the deflectors ordered and fitted, will drop a message to that email you gave see what they can do. Sub-question: is it worth getting primary and secondry + charge kit from mountune? Any benefits with that at all or would it be more of a styling thing? Was thinking of adding a new air filter aswell but don't really know whether the cone filter or the square shape one would be best.
  8. Surrey man :) ways away from your end. @Kylefozzz
  9. also @pringle1987 i noticed you got gel overlays, do you have a link to where i can get some of my own? been searching all over but cant seem to find anywhere.
  10. Hey Kyle where'd you get the wind deflectors from? i was considering getting them from the Heko website but i think Heko are based somewhere in Europe? so i wasnt sure how long they would take to be delivered, (Havent had much long with overseas shipping recently) however i did some some on Amazon UK and i thought they would be a better option? you have a link i can get mine from? and going to get my sunstrip fitted sometime next week from my local wrap place should be good.
  11. Hi car looks good and the mods sound exciting, just recently purchased a Red Edition and I love it so far. i was thinking of adding wind deflectors and the like to the car myself I was just wondering how they look? Perhaps they look a little tacky or something but I'm not entirely sure. was hoping to do some performance mods for mine aswell but the insurance goes through the bleeding roof!
  12. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say hello and to OFFICIALLY join the Ford owners club as I have just purchased a '14 plate Fiesta zetec s Red edition, which is in fact the first Ford vehicle I've ever owned in my life. absolutely love the car and it's a big step up from my Peugeot 107! got a few plans for the car nothing performance wise as my insurance goes through the roof due to age but hopefully a few years down the line for sure! anyway that's all I have to say and uh, well that's it. thanks.