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  1. They rust from the outside as water and oxygen is required for this to happen (and on the inside the coolant also contains corrosion inhibitors).
  2. I used the same one for the same reason and also figured it make more sense to anyone else working on my car what the cable was for.
  3. The Ecoboost design is such that it is very much essentially a diesel engine that just happens to run on petrol - a turbo, high pressure direct injection, high compression ratios, mechanical fuels pumps etc are all design characteristics typically found on a diesel engine. The noise you are hearing is primarily a combination of the fuel pump and injectors and is perfectly normal.
  4. From the title I think the intention is to replace it (with a different one).
  5. It sounds like a classic case of the blower motor resistor having failed. It is only in-circuit for the lower fan speeds; max fan bypasses it entirely. A simply and cheap fix for them if it is this so I wouldn't expect any issues getting it sorted. Leaving aside not hearing the fan, can you feel air coming out of the vents (when stationary)?
  6. To reset the battery monitor turn the ignition on, press the rear fog light switch 5 times then the hazard switch 3 times. If successful the battery light will flash.
  7. You might be right but it's pure speculation. Personally I wouldn't suspect this being the cause as it'd be straightforward to confirm hence wouldn't remain unexplained.
  8. Where did you read about them? I don't recall any on here or Louise's FB group.
  9. Agreed on all points but the availability of a goodwill voucher or not wouldn't change any of that. For me once I'm out of warranty I've always taken the view that I'm on my own and financially I think I'm better off for it given the amount I save by not having to comply with warranty terms (eg. I can do the all the servicing myself). My only reason for calling Ford up on this was that I knew they'd covered the repairs in Denmark and so figured there was a good chance they might do here.
  10. Disappointing but not an issue in practice given how easy/cheap (and possibly preferable) the DIY fix is, assuming of course you catch it in time.
  11. Yeah, it's done now and that's what matters. I'm just a bit fussy about this sort of thing; I'm sure I'd have a more relaxed life if I wasn't! 😉
  12. I reported the issue to Ford CRC and they agreed to pay the cost of the TSB work as a goodwill gesture. There's a bit more detail earlier on in the thread.
  13. I always expected you'd be able to tell which were done by dealers and which were a DIY job. This was the reason I opted to do mine myself despite getting the £80 voucher from Ford (I spent that on an MOT and some oil filters instead). Of course what really matters though is that it works functionally rather than how neat it is.
  14. You are not just painting them but eliminating exposure to the atmosphere thus preventing corrosion from occurring.
  15. Be careful making comparisons between different engines, particularly 4 (or more) cylinders vs 3.