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  1. That's a good call, and one I hadn't previously considered.
  2. I'd chance that one. I've used all sorts of temporary lashups in the past - marker pen on card etc - and never had an issue so if I use a proper plate I'd be even less concerned. I suspect police priorities lie elsewhere!
  3. I think the numberplate will definitely be covered, but not sure about the lights yet.
  4. I might well not need wiring, depending on how obscuring the bikes are on the rack I choose, but if I do I suppose I could always attached the socket underneath / out of the way rather than on a plate with the towball in the conventional manner.
  5. Really appreciate your comments Rod - thank you. I had been looking at Towsure as they seem to have the most choice, and I've bought quite a few things from in the past and they've always been good. Do you know which one you've got from this page? I was looking at their own-branded one, partly because it was the cheapest(!) but also that I was thinking there doesn't appear to be all that much visible left behind if you unbolt the connecting section and ball which, given how infrequently I'd be using it, I'd be inclined to do as my wife was never that keen on having a towbar on her previous car (and this one's hers too!).
  6. Only for a limited time; there will come a point where it has to restart the engine as the compressor doesn't run when it's off.
  7. Echoing the mentiond of aircon, it can only function properly with the engine running and so if the cabin temperature is rising such that aircon is deemed necessary then the engine will be restarted.
  8. I have previously been using some roof-mounted bike carriers (Atera AF) but following the purchase of a roof box need to now consider alternative arrangements. I have never been all that keen on boot-mounted bike carriers, in particularly I don't fully trust the way they attach to the bootlid and bumper. I am therefore look at fitting a towbar and using a towbar-mounted carrier (whether that be a grip-the-towball type or the bolt-on variety). Has anyone out there fitted a towbar to their Mk 7.5 Fiesta and, if so, which one did you go for and can you comment on how you've found it (installation, use etc)? Likewise for towbar-mounted bike carriers?
  9. They rust from the outside as water and oxygen is required for this to happen (and on the inside the coolant also contains corrosion inhibitors).
  10. I used the same one for the same reason and also figured it make more sense to anyone else working on my car what the cable was for.
  11. The Ecoboost design is such that it is very much essentially a diesel engine that just happens to run on petrol - a turbo, high pressure direct injection, high compression ratios, mechanical fuels pumps etc are all design characteristics typically found on a diesel engine. The noise you are hearing is primarily a combination of the fuel pump and injectors and is perfectly normal.
  12. From the title I think the intention is to replace it (with a different one).
  13. It sounds like a classic case of the blower motor resistor having failed. It is only in-circuit for the lower fan speeds; max fan bypasses it entirely. A simply and cheap fix for them if it is this so I wouldn't expect any issues getting it sorted. Leaving aside not hearing the fan, can you feel air coming out of the vents (when stationary)?
  14. To reset the battery monitor turn the ignition on, press the rear fog light switch 5 times then the hazard switch 3 times. If successful the battery light will flash.