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  1. I have had a flat battery twice now in the last 3 weeks , realised the 2nd time that the boot doesnt always shut completely and the light remains on. The cover on the drivers door handle is a nightmare to get off and as soon as i connected my charger the lights all flashed (presumably because i had opened the door) and blew the fuse in my charger ! so two calls to the AA for a flat battery , which being an electrical engineer is quite embarrassing :)
  2. Just had first service done , car has done 11,700 miles. Dealer "suggested" we get the brake fluid changed at £49.95, seems a bit extreme to me. Also said there were 2 recall jobs to do , adaptive steering and air con compressor pulley but they didn`t have the parts for one or tool for the other.
  3. pash43uk

    Sat Nav

    Does the map update work on Sync 2 or is that just for 3 ?
  4. Yeh , he suggested cleaning the pads but it doesn`t last long before it starts creaking again. He lifted up the stabilizer handle while i reversed the van and it stopped immediately. Just turn the radio up now :)
  5. We had this issue , had it back to Ford a number of times but they couldn`t find anything amiss with the towbar. After months worrying we happened to mention it when we took the caravan in for service, service manager says its just the friction pads and it happens all the time.
  6. Been towing a twin axle Cartagena 2 years almost with mine , just got back from Cornwall (370 mile each way) absolutely love it as a towcar. Did check nose weight before this trip and was actually a bit light at 70kg so shuffled some (beer) stuff and got it upto 80kg. Cruise control, auto, lane guidance .. just pointed it south and put my feet up for 6 hours :)
  7. Ours did this then packed in completely. Changed the motor but still no good , changed the harness and some other bits and now its working. Just waiting for new head lining as they managed to get greasy finger prints all over it !!!
  8. Be interested to see if these work :)
  9. Mentioned a burning smell to our dealer and he said it was something to do with emissions ie. some sort of heater/reaction to burn off the hydrocarbons ?
  10. Daytime running candles , very retro !!!
  11. Same here got mine early , few niggles but they have been sorted now. Wouldn`t swop it looks or performance wise for anything in the same price bracket. Do agree with Jim about the LED lights, mine looks like a couple of candles for daytime running lights and not much better when it gets dark !!
  12. Due to unforseen circumstances ran mine very low the other night , computer said i had 4 miles remaining when i arrived at the pump. Filled it and it took 59.9 litres !
  13. Ours has always sounded like it was struggling to close but it does ..... for now !
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