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  1. LED build change over.

    Nice one thanks for that
  2. H15 Main/DLR bulbs

    Be interested to see if these work :)
  3. Exhaust paint burning

    Mentioned a burning smell to our dealer and he said it was something to do with emissions ie. some sort of heater/reaction to burn off the hydrocarbons ?
  4. Daytime running lamps

    Daytime running candles , very retro !!!
  5. Possible purchase

    Same here got mine early , few niggles but they have been sorted now. Wouldn`t swop it looks or performance wise for anything in the same price bracket. Do agree with Jim about the LED lights, mine looks like a couple of candles for daytime running lights and not much better when it gets dark !!
  6. Fuel Range? Sport 210 Auto 2017

    Due to unforseen circumstances ran mine very low the other night , computer said i had 4 miles remaining when i arrived at the pump. Filled it and it took 59.9 litres !
  7. Moonroof Ford Edge

    Ours has always sounded like it was struggling to close but it does ..... for now !
  8. Global closure

    How simple would it be to use the rain sensor on the windscreen to close the sunroof , few key presses on a laptop to save my wet seats :)
  9. LED Lighting Upgrade

    They are the ones i had seen Ian but it says designed to work with "some" CANBUS systems
  10. LED Lighting Upgrade

    Has anyone changed their standard (hopeless) daytime running lights for LED. Mine are Osram H15 15/55w but not sure what led equivalent to go for as some might affect the bulb failure system ?
  11. One week in!!

    Very nice :)
  12. Towbar electrics

    I never noticed on mine , are yours all factory fitted tow bars ? Mine was done at the dealer as there wasn't a car built with tow bar when i ordered mine .
  13. Dash cam

    Is 3 definitely switched ? I connected mine here and it was still on an hour after locking the car
  14. First time towing

    Do you tow in Drive or Sport mode ? often wondered if sport would be better.
  15. Ford Edge towing

    I tow a twin axle Bailey Cartagena at 1717kg plus Stella and other essentials , other than my "clunk" it tows no problem.