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  1. VagaBong

    Cracked Windscreen

    Thanks for all the feedback lads. I feel like a right idiot now. There should be a fools guide for first time car owners so we don't stumble into all the stupid mistakes. Found a few windscreen tips online: Biff55's idea of using a synthetic sealant sounds great. Is it effective?
  2. Got up this morning and car was frozen. Threw some hot water on the windscreen as I was in a rush, and bang, the windscreen ran a crack along the bottom of the screen!. Can't believe it. My dad used to always do this when I was a kid. Have I done something wrong, or is the glass not able for it anymore?
  3. VagaBong

    Advise and tips

    Has anyone seen this...Euro NCAP Crash Testing. The 2017 Mustang has performed incredibly poorly. Shocking results for a major manufacturer.
  4. VagaBong

    Things I Do Like

    Chocolate Hob Nobs and a good cup of tea.
  5. VagaBong

    Word Game

    Door Step
  6. VagaBong

    Things I Don't Like

    People that don't indicate on roundabouts and leave you sitting waiting. Oh, and sour milk on cornflakes. Especially when you're in a hurry and it's all you got in the house.
  7. Really great to get this. Thanks Wingchun
  8. VagaBong

    New Here

    Thanks for the warm welcome dezwez, Adspam. Feeling a little bit like home already. :)
  9. VagaBong

    New Here

    Hey peopple. I'm a Newbie here. From the rolling green hills of Ireland and a proud Ford owner. Currently driving a Mondeo. But love the Ford classics very, very much!