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  1. Thanks for all the feedback lads. I feel like a right idiot now. There should be a fools guide for first time car owners so we don't stumble into all the stupid mistakes. Found a few windscreen tips online: Biff55's idea of using a synthetic sealant sounds great. Is it effective?
  2. Got up this morning and car was frozen. Threw some hot water on the windscreen as I was in a rush, and bang, the windscreen ran a crack along the bottom of the screen!. Can't believe it. My dad used to always do this when I was a kid. Have I done something wrong, or is the glass not able for it anymore?
  3. Has anyone seen this...Euro NCAP Crash Testing. The 2017 Mustang has performed incredibly poorly. Shocking results for a major manufacturer.
  4. Chocolate Hob Nobs and a good cup of tea.
  5. People that don't indicate on roundabouts and leave you sitting waiting. Oh, and sour milk on cornflakes. Especially when you're in a hurry and it's all you got in the house.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome dezwez, Adspam. Feeling a little bit like home already. :)
  7. Hey peopple. I'm a Newbie here. From the rolling green hills of Ireland and a proud Ford owner. Currently driving a Mondeo. But love the Ford classics very, very much!