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  1. Happy Birthday hawker!

  2. How Do You

    It may be a good idea to share your findings on here in case other members finds themselves in the same boat as you.
  3. Desiel Loss Of Power??

    Have you noticed a rasping noise during acceleration? My money is on a split intercooler pipe.
  4. do you notice any rasping sounds during acceleration? if so check your intercooler hose for a split.
  5. Dimming Instrument Lights

    only the mk1 focus had this a standard. subsequent versions only had this on the high specs (ghia etc)
  6. No Steering Options On Menu

    I had it on my 2006 Zetec, so I would imagine you should have it too. Note: The menu is only available when the car is stationary.
  7. Glo Plug ---No Light

    On my 2006 1.6 TDCi, you had to be looking at the warning light as you turned on the ignition, as it was only on for a very brief amount of time. You wouldnt really notice it otherwise. Why dont you try the dashboard secret trick sticky to test the bulb itself?
  8. Worried About Dfp And Eolys Fluid

    How can you tell when an automatic regen is taking place? 60MPG is fantastic. I was only getting 45MPG on average out of my 2006 1.6TDCi. Are you sure your not in limp mode!!??
  9. 2.0 Tdci Hissing Noise On Acceleration

    light whistling is normal. a hissing/rasping isnt! and gaffa tape wont patch the split up at all. there is way too much pressure involved
  10. 2.0 Tdci Hissing Noise On Acceleration

    I can only speak for my experience with the 1.6 TDCi, but the culprit was the main intercooler hose. Take off the engine cover, and it was the thickest hose that is connected to the intercooler and has a rubber concertina connection. The hose clip over this rubber cuts through due to engine vibration. Not a cheap hose to replace (£60+ for the part alone) but Ford obviously acknowledged the flaw in its design, and the new one is all hard plastic.
  11. Wanted - Eolys/dpf Additive

    It pays to phone about! ;) Good luck butty! :)
  12. Wanted - Eolys/dpf Additive

    Eolys fluid is expensive in itself. About £30+ per litre. You can usually find a few on sale on ebay. Unfortunately, its not just a case of topping up the Eolys. This tank has a separate "counter" and its computer needs to be reset, and to do this is a Fords-only job. So, if you did it yourself, you could top up the fluid, reset the ECU light with an OBD-II reader, but as far as the Eolys computer is concerned, its still low. The light would probably come back on right away.
  13. Worried About Dfp And Eolys Fluid

    I had this done in Fordthorne, Cardiff. Not much use for you being in Scotland!
  14. 2.0 Tdci Hissing Noise On Acceleration

    You have probably noticed its not as responsive during acceleration too. Definitely a split intercooler hose as alz said. Its a common problem on these engines.
  15. Diesel Particulate Filter 2.0Tdci Ford Focus

    I tried to get mine from there, but the DPF on a 1.6TDCi is a DPF+Cat, and they took this off their catalogue. I did however manage to get one on ebay from a company called Mr. Exhaust, and they were excellent. It cost me £310. I can only vouch for this particular item, and fitment was not 100% perfect. lots of info in my original thread