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  1. So the Snorkel delete is a good thing? which lid? As stated, not my car, but got same hose minus the fuel magnets lol
  2. I've cut holes leading to the grill, so fresh cold air enters the pipe
  3. Hi all, I have done a few mods on my Ford Focus Titanium 1.6 TDCI. 113BHP These include, replacing the turbo pipe to a Silicone hose. Put in a K&N Air Intake Filter (57S-4000) and left the cap off. Snorkel Delete with Air Holes. Always serviced with premium oils and only run Shell Diesel. I am wondering if I have any BHP increase at the moment? My next upgrade will be to bypass the EGR Valve, and then a remap. Any rough idea of the BHP then? Below is a picture of the turbo pipe upgrade (not my car or picture, but done same upgrade)
  4. MAF sensor has been cleaned and the car seems normal now, much better at setting off. Thanks everyone
  5. I don't think it is, got told I had a strong clutch. 95k miles It seemed better without he maf sensor, but don't want the engine light on, and -40 degrees seems bad lol
  6. I did this, turned my engine on and my engine light came on and it's reading at -40 degrees... It seems a little more responsive in first, however that could be the way I'm driving it.
  7. I will try this tomorrow and let you know the results, thanks.
  8. I understand that, however at 2,500 revs the car is going too slow to change gear. It wants to die when I change into second but when I rev higher in first, second is great. Thats why I feel something is wrong, never felt this in any other car.
  9. Hi all, I have a 12 plate Focus Titanium 1.6 TDCI. Everytime I go to set off the car hardly picks up speed, I can be at 4K revs and still be at 5 mph with the engine roaring. But as soon as I change to 2nd gear the turbo kicks in and I'm at 30 before I know it. I have drove a friends car which is the same as mine and it was a lot faster off the mark. Any ideas? It's like my turbo isn't kicking in in 1st gear. Help!
  10. Okia, saved me from making a mistake there haha thanks alexp999
  11. Hi all, So I have a hatchback however tend to not be able to use my parcel shelf (Long story). I have found a 'Load Cover' on eBay but it's from a Focus MK3 Estate. I can't find 1 for a MK3 Hatchback. Does anyone know if it would still fit, if so, do I need to buy clips etc? Thanks
  12. Any idea how to remove the ref plate bulb? It looks like it's a full unit, do I have to remove the boot plastics?