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  1. Hi guys thanks for replying. Really useful information. I guess it doesn't have a boot release button then. I just thought all cars have them and maybe I couldn't find it. I don't really need it or the rev counter but I was curious as to why it doesn't have them as I thought it was basic. I don't know how to use a voltmeter but I'm thinking to get one as it might be handy. I am pretty sure the contact plate is the reason the demister is not working because if you can see in the picture..the third plate is damaged and dented and its not making contact with the pin. Do you guys thinks I could put like some conductive material in there so that when the boot is closed it can make a connection?Oh and i googled it to find the name tachometer as I thought everyone calls it that. Maybe I was being silly. Once again I appreciate the replies
  2. Hi there I have a ford fiesta mk5 x reg. I was hoping someone could help me out with a few things with my car. I can't seem to find the boot release button and I've looked everywhere! How can it not have one? Also there is no tachometer, that rev meter thing....I mean how can a car not have a rev meter I'm so confused?! And one last thing..does anyone mk5 owners know how to replace the tailgate contact plate because mines is broken and my rear demister is not working. Thanks for reading this and I hope someone can help me.