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  1. @Gommy did you get a couple of videos of the noise yet mate?
  2. I was about to do a photoshop on this to show you black wheels, but I believe there's a wee bend in the truth on your above statement is there not? 😉
  3. Just check the adapter ring isn't on the new bulb. When I purchased some H7 nighteyes led bulbs and the adapter was on the new bulb. It just twists off. Paul.
  4. Or fire your reg into one of the many car check apps available on your phone.
  5. Mines the same, but I never turn the stereo off, just turn the volume down. Then you'll have text on the screen instead or just stick the satnav on and let it follow you about.
  6. Thank @bigryan2 for the picture. Looks very close to the diffuser and I think the st-line / Zetec s diffusers are slightly lower again. @AlexBartlam let me know how you get on please. Paul.
  7. As per etis my 140 gears are: 3.58 / 1.93 / 1.28 / 0.95 / 0.76 Axel ratio 4.06 Anyone care to fire there 100/125 chassis in to compare? https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do
  8. Get a picture fired up. I was looking at either an aftermarket exhaust or possibly doing the ST rear diffuser treatment, but if the back box alone clears the rear diffuser on the st-line I might just do that. Paul.
  9. @iShieldyyy if you get a price can you let me know? I'm thinking about the same for my magnetic too. Paul.
  10. Thanks @Cookey09, It's a 140. (With factory rear tints and spare wheel). The H7's are the same nighteye ones @Paramanichas and @Willy bought. Paul.
  11. Due to time constraints, I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. One of each bulb in... After messing with the ISO on the camera to capture the lenses properly... Halogen. Matches the DRL. LED. Doesn't match DRL, but I can live with that. Light difference shining into garage... Both in... Silvatec front indicators if anyone's interested... Rears... Also done the wing mirror indicators but never took pictures. And the new car itself. Now got 420 miles on it. (Pics before bulb changes) Paul.
  12. I was looking at the 9000lm and 12000lm ones from nighteye, but I believe they both have fans, which I've read mixed reviews about. The other issue I thought might arise, was the length of the 9/12k ones. The body section of the bulb is longer than the 8000s and going with your pictures Paramanic, there's not a lot of room behind them. Paul.
  13. Evening guys, I'm new to the forum, registered last week, but I have been following this thread since it started. I'm collecting a new fiesta tomorrow and have just ordered the same leds going off the pictures on this thread alone. (Hopefully Willy has decided to keep them!) Once they turn up, I'll do the same as above but with standard bulbs, one of each bulb in and one with leds. Paul. EDIT: Guys, open both of Willys pictures full screen, the nightbreakers actually illuminates the middle off the tree more and also the fence at the back right of the building. I'll take a punt and say Willys keeping the lasers...... I'll stick with the leds as I've ordered them now lol. Paul.
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