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  1. Hi all my mondeo has always been poor on fuel based on my last heavier estate always returned 56mpg doing short journeys always cold on 30mph roads i now have a low mileage 70k hatchback same age that I religiously drive at 57mph 80 miles a day to work and back and it returns 47mpg! ive noticed that the temp gauge is all over the place and never really gets warm. I just took it out and hammered it for 2-3 miles at 50mph in 3rd gear and once the temp gauge hit the middle I measured the temp with an infra red gun. rad hose from rad to stat was 75 post stat to heater matrix was 55 oil stat hose was 75 header tank was 34 rad was 65 then I drove home in 4/5th around 30mph and when I got home temp gauge was back to the zero on 60 measured same things again rad hose from rad to stay was 73 post stat to heater matrix was 65 oil stat hose was 65 header tank 32 rad 66 and to make it easier to read 75-73 55-65 75-65 34-32 65-66 the car gauge is always on cold on the motorway, the minute you hammer it or reach an incline it starts to creep up but soon goes straight back down again ac is never on. have changed the oil stat today and no difference the heater kicks out really hot air what the hell is going on?
  2. Hi all i read many reviews about de catting a mondeo being a good way to increase power and save fuel etc, many reviews saying it transforms the car completely etc so I thought I’d make my own review i have a TDCI 130 which had 56k miles in November so I bought it for m’way mileage as work 80 mile round trip a day it’s now covered about 72k and only returns about 46-49 mpg driving at 57-60mph on cruise daily i got a brand new de cat and fitted it, was a little tricky but in all honesty an easy job with an air gun initial first drive I was gonna smacked at the response pulling away in first! It flew away but sadly after about 500rpm same old mondeo it pulls away like a petrol now but saying it’s transformed the car I would say no it doesn’t mid range you don’t have to drop down a gear on hills as much but again nothing spectacular, mpg well fuel computer always reads about 53mpg but tank to tank always comes out around 45-49mpg now computer reads 53-57 a noticable increase in mpg however at the pump returned 48mpg last tank with cat was 49mpg if your thinking of de catting your mondeo and expect to get back in a Ferrari engined super car think again, mpg won’t change and power wise you really won’t notice any major difference other than smoother to pull away in 1st cost me £38 for de cat so not end of the world but thought I’d add my experience to the plethora of reviews that claim so much more.... russ
  3. Hi all i just bought my first cossie a low mileage K plate 4wd it’s been modified and about 350bhp i noticed when tracing the lines it has a 12v oil pump however those lines go to a small tank which if you open has coolant in it not oil. The other side goes from radiator and after the tank it goes to a mini inter cooler? But no drain line or return also so the turbo charger has hoses back to the coolant header tank? I thought turbos were oil cooled? question is what is this oil pump for? Is it additional cooling for the inter cooler? Even though it’s coolant and also do I top up this tank or does it top up from coolant tank? ive driven 400 miles in 2 days and it’s drank all the engine oil! Most of it pisses out the crank breather out the vent and back through the cabin ventilation! russ
  4. hi all, just picked up a sierra cosworth 4x4 K plate with 69k miles! driving it down the motorway the speedo was fine then jumped around a bit and hit zero, i suspect the cable is loose or snapped etc, anyone know where it is in the gearbox? thanks
  5. May give a remap a go then just cleaned my EGR but to be honest barely had any soot in it although doesn’t smoke on hard gear changes now. Will see what happens! I think less than 50mpg on a motorway for a diesel is ridiculous although my V70 auto 2.4d used to get 27mpg on M-way, not surprisingly I sold it very quickly! Spent more time on a petrol station forcourt than my drive r
  6. Is it worth a remap? I do 2000 miles a month so would probably be paid off in a year if I could get 5mpg more but I think 5mpg is a big ask i had terraclean done on my mk4 made no difference whatsoever on performance smoothness or mpg
  7. Hi all i have a mk3 130 tdci and I drive daily 80 miles on the a38 from Plymouth the Exeter and back, I set the cruise at 57 MPH boring as hell but I do a lot of miles! the mpg on my 55 plate I think euro 4 is about 47mpg (fill ups not computer) I must say I find this really poor for 57mph if I drive at 70 it drops to about 42mpg! in contrast I had a heavier estate mk3 tdci 130 about 2 years older and that one did 56mpg cold on short journeys all around town!!!!! my 55 plate has only done 60k miles and FSH etc I’ve changed gear box oil recently as well new tyres etc. is the euro 4 engine just crap? Why is my mpg so poor on this one.
  8. Hi all ive read a
  9. Hi all currently my street ka fuses are under the steering wheel, the fuses are described on the inside of the cover, however if I take a few screws out there are another 13 fuses on top of which I cannot find anywhere on line or in manuals what they are for?!?! Anybody got a link to what the fuses are for? thanks russ
  10. Meant to add all fuses are in tact checked everyone!
  11. Well after changing the thermostat no change, was advised to change the thermostatic control unit under the windscreen, changed this and again no change. i have an infrared heat detector and the temp going in and return from heater matrix is 90 and about 85 degrees and the heat out of the cabin when on cold is 70 degrees! It's baking so basically electrically something isn't telling that control valve to recirculate back to the engine. does the temp dial in the cabin have a resistor on it? To control the flow return to the engine? any help would be appreciated I'm baking in the cabin!
  12. Hi all just bought a streetka as a second car, really good condition only 65k miles and virtually FSH only paid £600!! Bargain I've sorted the indicator fault with alarm by disconnecting the alarm but now have a heating issue. now I know they are prone to overheating but mine is quite the opposite. It gets warm, heat comes out of the heater matrix then suddenly it goes cold again until it may get warm again. at first I thought the thermostat was stuck open and the engine was heating then on faster roads cools down which would explain it but I stripped the housing down tested the thermostat and its fine. also I've noticed it could all be town driving low speeds where the radiator isn't cooling efficiently or on the motorway where it is but still plenty of heat comes out then suddenly freezing cold? ive tested thermostat and fully flushed the fluid and squeezed all air bubbles out. any ideas? I'm completely lost? still happy it's underheating not over heating! the engine stays warm though the whole time as tested with heat gun! russ
  13. Rear demister is not a blade fuse, checked the manual for fog lights there are no fuses for this? Odd I know even the ignition switch F15 is permanent live everything is permanent live!!
  14. Hi all i have a 2011 mondeo with permanent live 12v sockets no good for a dash cam as it drains the battery when not in use! i have a fuse tap however everything is permanent live or only intermittent live ie i tried the ac but that's permanent live, wipers but only live when wipers are on, interior lights permenant live etc etc i can't find anything that's ignition live even the stereo is permanent live! any one know the fuse number that I can get a ignition live either under glove box or under bonnet thanks russ