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  1. Well, on mondeo '16 made it doesn't show ilumination on buttons that window defrost is on. On focus '15 made it also not iluminating heating procedure. Only way to deactivate them is to switch them manually ON and after few seconds turn them OFF or remove fuse(but that's not wise, because one morning it will be needed). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regarding issues - Does clutch noise have others m5 users? And standart halogen lights are very poor during night? Currently riding focus '15 made as a temporaly car, but as long term car - 4 years lease wanted to order mondeo 5. But those 2 issues are quite important. And lights are very important. During winter a lot of hours being driven in dark.
  2. All fords have heated rear window and could be also front window (if selected from pricelist when ordering) - so when you start engine and it is below +4, it turns them on. It is quite heavy load for generator, so consumption with that heating on or off is 0.5l/h difference. Yours propably have problem with generator or battery or something else. I have focus'15 made and in cold mornings noticed that rear window is defrosting, but i am waiting for front to defrost. So went to service - and they told that it is automatically switched on. In focus section i made topic about it - everyone is happy that it turns on both heated windows automatically. It is not well known feature - even ford's sales rep said - hey but you have button for that, bring it to service. When car's generator fails a bit for providing A to battery and other systems - this auto window heating feature will stop car in a moment you don't expect it.
  3. I believe you heat your house or flat with electricity. Switch on both window heating and look at current consumption per h. Then switch off - noticed some changes in consumption and engine behaviour?
  4. Well both front heaters - 40A right, 40A left, rear - 30A. When they all are on it is 0,5 l/h extra. And it is already 110A. Then add front lamps ~120w, radio some 50w maybe. And if you add some consumer to 12v outlets- consumption is more than generator can provide. When AC is on it is 0.2 extra. And i switch it on when i see necessity. You would be happy if AC turns on all the time when it is below 4°? In winter time it is good to switch it on sometimes. (Because of valves/membranes and stuff). When both heated seats are on - it doesn't change consumption. Maybe dealer will agree to change it to manual or decreese setpoint t. I readed about focccus sw - a lot of bricked controllers afterwards - seems not good idea to brick it.
  5. Well, touran 04 and 08 year had it. Octavia 06 had it. Golf 6 '12 year had this button for mirror heating on. It is on left doors upper part, close to door opening.
  6. I like focus for its: Noise isolation/how it absorbs bumpy roads/fuel economy/6gears instead of 5 in golf7/a lot of extras in base model/heated front window. But this "automatic on" is letdown.
  7. Ideally mirrors should have dedicated button, like in vw, skoda....
  8. Same for me. Thought that climate control or some relay is faulty. But no-this is "extra" for draining battery and generator/fuel and in longterm - your money(changing battery or generator costs $$). When it is +1->+4 no ice on windows. When -1 or below, then it could appear. There are so many days with +1->+4 and no ice, but windows being heated. Why?? To produce more CO2?
  9. Battery fed up with heating both windows.
  10. Vw got heated front window in '12 maybe earlier on their passat. Now also available on golf anx maybe on jetta
  11. Well there are no many cars with heated front window - vw group, ford. Someone else? On vw it is clear - you press the button, clear it up-forget it😀. Here it comes on, you need it or not. You hop off for 10mins, then back in car - heats again those windows- why it should do it if they are ok? For fogs use AC! My first car was scorpio, 2.9(8) v6. Once i got flat battery, because one pal was interested what is that button. I amagine what this auto feature will cause after 10-15 years. Then those is must have It gets slugish when this thing is on, with off it get more torque. Just like when AC is on.
  12. For me winter season is ~ 6 months -> 180 days. How many of those days you got ice builded windows? I got minuses few weeks and few days of those weeks with ice on windows. Rest of that is +2 with rain or fog, when there is no need to warm up both windows. Wipe off and go.
  13. How long regen operates? Could it be that it drops consumption a bit (0.4 l instead of 0.5 and icreases rpms to 1k)? If i switch off engine when arrived, it will continue or its stopped then? Or it start next time when conditions are met? What are conditions when it starts regen(egine t, fuel level, rpms)?