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  1. My bad. Its the 1.8 tdi. Its leaking from the number 1 cylinder. I cant see if the injector is broken. The car does work propley.
  2. One of the injectors on the car has started leeking. I don't know how long its been leeking. Any one got any thoughts on whats causing it? As far as I'm aware it leaks more when the engine is under load rather when it's just idleing. Any one know what sort of repair bill i'd be looking at?
  3. Cheers stef. Can they be converted to single mass at all?
  4. Does any one know if the mk2 focus 1.8tdci runs a duel mass fly wheel or a single mass fly wheel??
  5. I wait till the glow plug light has gone out then try it.
  6. that would help! Lol it's the 1.8 tdci, kkda engine.
  7. any one got the same problem? start the car the first time till the starter motor cuts out. Do it the same on the 2nd attempt. 3rd attempt few more seconds then the car starts. I know its been cod for the last few days and it doesn't help the battery. Any one got any thoughts or ideas at all? it only does it when the engine is cold. Once its been started it'll start first time. Also starts first time when the engine is warm.
  8. its a 2007 1.8tdci, kkda engine.
  9. I got my self a Focus tdci style. Does any one know if it will have a service light at all? Ive got no history to the car what so evea! :/
  10. Got my self a focus as a replacement to 1 of the octivias I had. Replaced the intercooler pipe on it. Got it from the dealer in Kettering. 70 quid lighter.
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