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  1. Okay, that gives me something to look for - its a Fiesta 2008 Style 1.25
  2. Okay, try these - apologies for my poor photography skills
  3. Just out getting a clearer picture of the other plug Bear with me :-)
  4. Damn - Its not the horn - I thought we had it there Any other suggestion please?
  5. its on the passenger side - I'm just out to try it If so, then I only have one cable to go :-)
  6. Hi Zain611 Would the fog lights be separate? On my car they are, but I can't see anything to plug the cables into Tony
  7. During the snow I put my sons Fiesta Mk6 on a kerb - Took it off yesterday and managed to rip the from bumper off Done quite a lot of damage (bad Dad), but have managed to do a temporary repair to hold the bumper on However there are two cables hanging down and I cant see where they come from Any idea's (see attached?) Tony
  8. My son has just bought a Fiesta with a CD6000 stereo unit It is asking for the code which he doesn't have Can anyone tell me how I get hold of the code, and does it cost? Cheers Tony
  9. Thanks gentlemen for your advice I think I'll take it down National and get a filter/oil change to make sure everything is okay He only passed his test last Wednesday, and I've already replaced two tyres, need to get this oil sorted, and he left a message last night asking did I know anything about exhausts Ho...Hum....
  10. My son has a 1999 Mk4 Fiesta I was checking the oil and whilst the dipstick has a slight covering of oil going up about four inches (way past the max) there is no positive level showing I've wiped it a number of times, and added a little oil to check if it at least cause a positive oil level to show Confused why I cannot establish how much oil it actually has Any help appreciated Tony