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  1. Yep its on the list, not going to do it myself I don't think, going to get it booked into the bodyshop as they are fixed price and let them sort it 🙂
  2. Hi, It does look like they may be broken when I try to remove them so I will give the place a go you mention as there are a couple of other bolts that apparently main dealers no longer do or can't get hold of! I had a BMW once and cried my eyes out at a price of a single bolt so I am fully prepared with a box of mansize tissues 🙂
  3. I had a closer look at the backbox today, I thought it had been replaced at some point but its a genuine Motorcraft ST backbox on there. I haven't had access to that part of the car yet(its against the garage wall) so will have a look tomorrow and see if anything has been replaced. Its a strange one as its definitely at an angle but no idea why, all hangers are correct, looks like new rubbers on them, not sure how it would even go at an angle
  4. I think back in the day it was to indicate to thieves the car had an alarm or immobiliser fitted but these days I don't know any cars that are made without at least one or both so probably no need for a flashing light now.
  5. Ah yes I see it now, hmm maybe put that one in the maybe pile 🙂 I have a garage with a level concrete floor, but no where to store something like that. Maybe back to the ramps for me 🙂
  6. Haven't taken any pictures yet but have noticed the backbox is at an angle, even though both hangers are attached the box is definitely at an angle with the left hand side correct but the right hand side further back. Not sure if they are all like that and my actual bumper is bent but the backbox definitely is further back on the right, I can manually pull it forward an inch or so before resistance is too great and exhaust starts to look normal
  7. Where did you get yours from?
  8. I saw something similar but it was powered by an electric motor, was over a grand though 😕
  9. Have you got a link to one or a picture as can't quite picture what you mean 🙂
  10. They are the same, just one is dirty as no one has bothered to clean it as its under the bumper and the other is clean
  11. Thanks for replying, I might have to look at alternatives then, I have seen people make their own from wood, maybe that might be the way forward
  12. The hanger is a bit rusty, well its actually very rusty, not sure if its bent as not sure what it looked like beforehand. It needs quite a bit of force to bend that plastic, worried about breaking it to be honest. The pipes themselves look ok at first glance, will have another look at them
  13. This is probably more for the ST people or people with a Focus of that height. I need to do some jobs under the car, oil change etc and even with the car jacked up my jack won't go that high so was looking at some ramps. Does anyone use ramps? If so do you have any clearance issues? I want to get these but not sure if the car will go on without hitting the front end. As they are already expensive I don't really want to buy extenders, nor would there be room in the garage for them
  14. Another question 🙂 And want to say thanks to everyone who has helped out on all my threads, it really has made a big difference to getting jobs done and for some reassurance. 🙂 On the rear of my ST the right hand exhaust tip is under the bumper where the left one sticks out as it should, I have attached some pics but please note they seem to show it as normal but it isn't, it is actually under the bumper, just wondering if this is a common occurance and if so how is it rectified. Thank you