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  1. Thought I would come back and update this, finally had the job done, while they were there also had the timing belt changed(genuine kit), new cam seals, spark plug seals and had the cam cover resealed, both aux belts and an inner cv joint. Was almost £650 :/
  2. Someone has said you can remove the intercooler from the bottom of the ST. Is that correct? Just all the youtube vids I have found are of people removing the whole bumper. MK2 pre face lift ST
  3. Both front sill jacking points on my car are bent completely, god knows how but they certainly are very bent!
  4. Same thing happened to my sons car, no codes just came up with malfunction warning. Turned out to be a nearly grands worth of fuel injectors!
  5. I have a question about the 1.8TDCI, my son has that car. A Focus 1.8TDCI mark2.5. I was under the impression it had a belt, but you say it has a chain ?
  6. I struggle to find a garage that allows you to use your own parts, all the ones I have ever found want to use their own parts with a nice markup But to echo the above post please do get a decent quality clutch
  7. Its not as straight forward as that with an ST, if it was I would do it myself. These cars do not use gaskets, they use anaerobic sealant. The cam carrier is part of the cam cover, to remove the cam cover, you need to remove the timing belt and remove the cam gears, its a long long job, generally 3 to 4 hours The cam cover was most likely removed to take the head off to do a block mod which is the most likely reason why anyone would want to remove the cam cover on an ST
  8. For reference sent off for at least 12 quotes as believe it or not I would rather see the work done for peace of mind but the first quote I received was really high hence my post above. Have had 2 quotes so far. Local garage want £400+vat! Fast fit type garage(not kwik fit or the usual lot) said £200 all in but they are 300 miles away so obviously not practical right now
  9. Hi, I have asked this before elsewhere but looking to get some more opinions. Ok so I have a 2007 Focus ST. I changed the plugs a couple of days ago but the 2nd spark plug well was to the brim with oil. I also noticed some black rubber floating around in the oil. The other spark plug wells were fine but I noticed that someone has had the cam cover offer at some point and resealed everything back up with normal rtv. I believe you are supposed to use an anaerobic sealant. Anyway I thought this would be a 10 minute whip the cam cover off and reseal job but no, more like 4 to 5 hour job and beyond my scope. The car runs fine, oil pressure good, so as you can imagine my question is what would you do? Just leave it? In the knowledge that the 2nd spark plug is full of oil but still sparking as the coil pack and plug are sealed and the oil isn't getting inside the coil pack or pay best part of £500 to get it fixed? There has been the suggestion the rtv could break off internally and block oilways etc. The point of this question is I am wrestling with what to do and I do appreciate there are no clear answers so that's why looking for opinions. Its a lot of money I don't really have right now but it would cost an awful lot more if it did somehow block something. I have had the car 6 months now and done about 2000 miles in it without issue. Thanks for reading 🙂
  10. I use Mann filters, excellent quality, not knocked off rubbish and OE on a lot of vehicles
  11. Well if its good enough for a nuclear sub its good enough for me 🙂
  12. Thanks for the replies, I will give it a go, this is the stuff I am using and its really not doing much
  13. I have been using Halfords spray stuff to help with rusted bolts etc but it has been absolutely useless. Was looking at plusgas. Anyone tried it? Is it any good removing rusted nuts and bolts?
  14. Right, had a rethink on this, its a 13 year old Focus, it will probably only last another few years anyway. Once I have applied the Hydrate 80 does anything need to go on top of that or is it safe to be left as it is. I know its the chassis but wondering the protective coating the Hydrate 80 leaves is enough or if I need something extra and if so what. Not sure I want to go to the hassle of epoxy mastic, its only a few rust patches here and there
  15. Cool 🙂 Yes thought it was the way forward, any difference between red and grey primer does anyone know or is it all the same? I have seen that rust prevention primer. Wasn't sure if that would be any better