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  1. Ah right, mine is just annoying me now, it keeps falling off the key ring, the bit at the bottom keeps coming apart
  2. Yes my old key fob works, picture shows the original keyfob I have going to the new style so assumed you could just change over the inside and was wondering if anyone has done it. Have you done it?
  3. My key fob is knackered for a better word, keeps falling off key ring etc. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203215553753 If so is it a straight forward job to remove bits from one key fob into the other and do you have to get a new key cut or can you just transfer over the old one?
  4. Sorry for bringing up an old thread but was looking for something and came across this thread. I had my Pagid front discs fitted on my ST about a year ago but I have only done about 800 miles since then. I always noticed when the car was jacked up you couldn't spin the wheels, they would only go like a corner turn(front wheels). I checked the run out recently and it was 0.08mm and the max according to etis is supposed to be 0.05mm. The disc seems to be catching the pads as I turn them meaning its harder to manually turn the discs at some points as it passed by the pads. Is 0.03m
  5. 2 new tyres on the rear and the car drives like a dream again Ironically the car wash sent me a voucher for a Free car wash. Hmmmm
  6. Tell me about it, not even a year old and only done a few thousand miles.
  7. Have no idea, but I know the car was fine before it went in and was vibrating/shaking when I drove home from the car wash. Its one of these car washes(I appreciate the picture is not from the UK but you get the idea) : It was the wheel that was in the bit that pulls the tyre along. Whether related to the car wash or coincidence who knows
  8. Tyres already ordered Rim is fine, its the angle its taken at
  9. I have noticed the car has those awful wheel nuts on with the caps that fall off, can anyone recommend replacement wheel nuts for my car? Had a look on ebay but wasn't sure exactly what I needed
  10. Hmm, well more like an ostrich egg! Is this likely to be the culprit :-
  11. Thanks will take a good look at the wheels tomorrow
  12. Took my sons 2008 Focus TDCi to the car wash, its one of those ones where you turn off the engine and it pulls the car through, it was attended. Lined the wheels up but the front made an odd sound like it had fallen off of something like the moving bit or maybe it was just the sound the machine made, not that I had noticed it before and have used it many times, car went through ok but on the way home I noticed a thud thud thud sound from the rear when driving. Got home and one of the tyre pressures was a little low so pumped it up and that was that until later this evening when I had to
  13. So does the tunnelrat one 🙂 I have one, they do 2 versions, one with the switch, the other which I have is automatic and about £20. But thanks for your feedback, always good to know about alternative cables
  14. Yes seems to work now. Any reason you prefer that one over the tunnelrat device?
  15. Your link doesn't work, just get gateway error.
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