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  1. Just an update incase this may help anyone else who might experiences the same issue. Ford changed the turbo solenoid? I’m sure that means more to you guys than it does to me - it was about £250 to change it. It’s been OK since - lot cheaper than the new turbo the first garage said was the solution. Hope this helps someone and thanks for all of the replies and help. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks guys, it’s been fine since Monday morning and then bang, it’s happened on the way home again. Luckily I’m off next week - time to go back to Ford.... will mention the split hose for them to check. I’m pretty sure it’s not actually the turbo as it’s been fine for 2 weeks after the ECU recalibration they did. Any views on the new shape focus? Looking at a 2014 eco boost 1.6 petrol , aside from current drama I do enjoy driving the focus
  3. It’s happened again..... 😢 on the way to work this morning, just as I turned off the fog lights - wondering if it’s an electrical issue maybe
  4. Update in case anyone else has similar problems and this helps them out. Car went to Ford who said it was an underboost code. They said the updated the ECU and it should be fine. Had the car a week now, not ragged it but driving normally and it’s been ok. They did it within half an hour so it cost £50. Worth getting Fords diagnosis (fingers crossed it’s fixed). Hope that helps someone!
  5. Thanks for the replies WES180 and TomsFocus. WES180 I didn’t get the code (I should have asked) mechanic said it was turbo related - when it goes to Ford I will ask them. TomsFocus - I will check the paperwork from previous owner - I know it’s always been done at Ford garages, not sure what intervals though (in terms of mileage). Just strange that the fault would appear after 15 months if it was a pre-existing issue from before I bought the car, but then again who knows. Hoping and praying it’s something else other than turbo but the fact the light only comes on after you’ve been driving a while and doing ‘normal’ revs concerns me, last trip to and from work (about 35 miles in total including a good run on a dual carriageway) I kept it under 2,000 revs and there was no light. Literally 5 mins after getting fuel filter changed and driving normally (going above 2,000 revs) on comes the light. Thanks again for your replies guys, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst!!
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice please. I have a 2010 Focus 1.6 TDCI (Euro 5), which has done about 68,000 miles. I have had the car for about 15 months, had first oil change at 6,500 miles, next oil change at 8,500 miles (slipped my memory to get it done at 6,000), since the last oild change its been 3,500 miles. I have twice in that time had an Engine Malfunction light come on, and then go out and not come back once the car was re-started. Last week the light came on again, went away on restart, did it again the next day as well. Tried to get into Ford but they had a 2 week wait, so took it to a local garage. All fault codes were cleared and the garage said next time the light comes on again bring it in, because now the fault code memory is cleared we will know exactly which code it is that relates to the problem if it happens again. Next day same thing. They said it was a turbo related code, they suggested and did fit a new fuel filter, and....... still happening,. They are convinced I need a new turbo as the mechanic said he can hear the turbo when the car is idling, and he took a pipe off and said he could feel some play in it. Its going to Ford next week, but I am preparing for the worst. If the car is driven gently (under 2,000 revs) its fine, no engine malfunction light, however shortly after driving the car as you normally would and the revs going over 2,000 the Engine Malfunction light comes on again (every time the car is restarted the light is gone and the car drives fine until it happens again). I know the mk2 was notorious for turbo problems, I thought (probably incorrectly) that the issue had been fixed for the mk2.5. All services have been done at Ford and since I have had the car the longest its gone is 8,500 before an oil change. From the knowledge of the more mechanically minded and perhaps more experienced Focus drivers, do you think its bye bye turbo, and also is it worth getting a new one or trying to get shot of the car? Thank you all in advance for reading - any recommendations / suggestions welcome.
  7. Hi Tom, thank you for the reply. I've booked it in for a week Saturday for oil and filter change at my local Ford dealer, I've done about 6,200 since the last one, however they said according to the service schedule it doesn't need to be done until 12,500 mile interval (which seems long...). Thanks again!
  8. Hi guys, As in the title, I have a 2010 1.6 TDCI Focus Zetec. I am aware of the turbo failure issues on TDCI engines (not 100% sure if the issue is present in the ‘facelift’ MK 2.5 model - conflicting information online) and I’ve read that regular oil changes can help. Can anyone please advise on oil change interval - mine has done about 6K since the last interim service - which was about 7 months ago - time for a full service? Thank you in advance
  9. Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice please. Had my 2010 1.6 TDCI Focus for around 6 months, it had its 6,000 mile service a few months back at local Ford dealer, probably done around 55,000 miles. This morning, within about 2 minutes of leaving the house I had a Engine Malfunction Warning flash up on the led information panel (which puckered up my b*m hole a bit). I dont know if any alarm went off as I had music on, and I honestly didn't even think to check if any of the lights were on. Pulled over, turned off the car, restarted and it was fine - drove the 30 minute journey to work with no issues. Had a look online and saw the dashboard diagnostic trick, so tried that an no DTC codes logged (and no warning lights on either). I'll see if it happens again on the way home, but just wondering if any of the more experienced guys (compared to me) would know what this might be. Have booked into Ford for Tuesday (which is going to pucker up my b*m hole again when I get the bill)
  10. Yunni - oooh very nice, I remember years ago helping my cousin swap out the sound system in his GTI, 10x7 speakers, head units etc, great fun. I'm just too old and lack time to do that now, but fair play to you. Ken - I had a quick look online at the bluetooth car kits too, but wasn't sure whether to get one or just stick a Aux lead in the glove box and hope it doesn't get crushed too much. Gopacic, hope you are ok after the accident - that looks awesome!
  11. Wow, impressive! I have electrical skills on par with asking a goldfish to fill out a housing benefit form. Maybe I will just stick with a Aux cable in the glove box. Thanks for the reply, must be a pretty sweet set up in your car!
  12. Hi guys, quick question for those who have the aux port in the glovebox - is there a way to feed an aux wire out so I can keep my phone out, or do you leave your phone / mp3 player in the glovebox? Looks like I would need a right angle connection in order for the glovebox to shut, but cant see a way to have it so the wire is in the car (cant see any openings in the glovebox. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just a quick update, the Avons went on this Saturday, first real drive was into work this morning (30 minutes on dual carriageway and in town driving) and first impressions very good. Very grippy, no wheelspin (which I was getting with previous tyres) nicer ride into bends. Appreciate any brand new tyre will be different to older on irrespective of make, but so far quite impressed. Thanks for the replies!
  14. Thanks for the replies, I saw tyrereviews, and all bar one seemed to have good reviews of the Avons, I have previously always had pricier tyres on my cars, but when its only one tyre you are changing, £20 or so difference is not the end of the world. This time I need 4, so the price difference soon adds up. I've opted for the Avons, which were about £15 per tyre less than the Goodyear. Will update on how they are. Thanks again
  15. Hi John, are they the Rain Sport 3's? On my previous cars (Corsa / Jazz) I've always had Conti's (overkill I know) but they did the job and braking and grip were always great. With the new car and bigger alloys the price difference is big, especially when you need all four doing. I was also looking at Avon ZV7's, the Uniroyals are priced right between Avon and Goodyears