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  1. Honestly I don't understand why its so difficult. Think these days they are more interested in making there hours for bonus which means rushing and not giving a *****, if you know what's involved I'm sure most will find things wrong/broken.
  2. I Didn't have to wait long to have it done but I imagine as more people have it done the longer the wait for parts. Unfortunately the dealership that did mine made a complete mess of my car and its currently back with them today for the 3rd time to sort the issues. I'm hoping 3rd time lucky 😕
  3. Thanks Mazzie, can understand not wanting to have it done. Thing that annoys me is I've told them I used to strip cars for a living and they still think they can fob me off
  4. Yours look like they are tightened against the trim but mine are not, like the bolt has been cross threaded not tightened fully. Thank you for the pics and looking
  5. Hi all, as some of you prob have seen my other thread about air bag recall and the state I got my car back. Dealership has had the car back and got rid of the dirty marks however none of the other bits have been sorted. I've now got to have a new rain sensor cover, coming from America. Both my upper rear quarter trims are still broken and the favour I need is if other edge owner can check if the screw highlited in the picture should be tight against the trim or not, B piller behind seatbelt looking down to the right as you look at it on drivers side and to left on passenger side. You
  6. After reading this post I've just tried mine and it doesn't auto lock after unlocking
  7. I thought the same but its a safety issue and I'd rather be safe than sorry, granted the dealership i used has made a mess of my car but I'm giving them the chance to put it right. My main issue is the fact they haven't cleaned the marks off the roof lining and trims.
  8. My car is now booked back in to rectify all the issues next Wednesday
  9. That was my mistake, 1st one this dealership had done, should of waited 😕
  10. After buying the car from this dealership i expected better but guess another example of we've got your money and now we don't care
  11. This is just some of the marks
  12. Allan37

    Allan Jackson

    My Ford Edge Sport in Electric Spice
  13. Hi all, my first post, Ive had my Ford Edge Sport 5 months and love the car. Last week i got a letter from ford that my car has to have the curtain airbags replaced, now having worked in a body shop i knew this prob wont be straight forward as the roof lining and all side trims etc have to be removed. Now the car went into fords today for the work and it was immaculate when it went in and now i have black marks all over the roof lining, sun visors, side trims, broken clips on the side trims and cross threaded screws, I'm so disappointed as it doesn't even look like they have cleaned the car af
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