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  1. Car is stock apart from k&n panel filter, rs plugs and rear silencer replacement de res pipe. I'm open to all options really and what's best suited
  2. Hi all, looking for the best place in the south Wales area for a remap?
  3. 8 litres of ford fully synthetic, oil filter and 2 litres of antifreeze all for £48 😀
  4. Ah right. As previous cars I've had remapped have been done with just a laptop programme. Sorry for the confusion and being dull on this topic. Last car i had on a rolling road was a mk1 escort and that was 20 years ago
  5. I'm aware that what I'm adding to the car will not improve my cars performance. (the de res pipe does make it sound good tho) Was just wondering if a rolling road tune and setup would improve anything. Not necessarily bhp just more efficient running. I know I'll need a remap to get bigger bhp output. But I just want everything given a good once over as It's a new car to me
  6. I'm fitting a de res rear silencer replacement pipe, rs plugs and k&n panel filter this week and getting my car serviced with cambelt and waterpump change next week. Would a rolling road set up benefit my car in anyway after this work is done?
  7. I'm going to be £2 worse off now
  8. Trip to halfords in the morning then 😀
  9. Yeah the price is what grabbed my attention. And being a major player in the automotive world im guessing the quality of their branded stuff must be of a decent standard.
  10. Getting my 07 focus st serviced and supplying the bits and pieces myself. What's anyone's thoughts on the Halford own brand ford engine oil?
  11. Ken.K my local garage quoted me £350 for supplying parts and fitting. I'm just trying to see if I can save a few quid by buying the parts myself. He told me he was charging around £170 labour
  12. Think I'll do a bit more shopping around tomorrow and see what best deal I can find. It's maybe worth paying the extra £60 to buy it from a person/shop rather than off ebay. My local ford dealership wanted £310 for the kit 🙈
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the blue oval and new to this forum. Just like opinions on a timing belt and water pump kit I've found for sale on eBay It's a genuine gates kit for £86 from what looks a to be a reputable eBay company with over 4.5k positive feedback. I've been quoted by my local autopart store at £145 for the same kit.
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