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  1. TBH I’m a bit lost on the Mk stages. It’s a 59 plate ‘new shape’, understood it was a Mk7 but not 100% certain😕
  2. Hi all, could someone confirm what tappets are fitted to this (1.6) diesel engine please, are they hydraulic or adjustable. Son thinks they’ve become noisy overnight (not heard them yet so can’t confirm). Oil level etc is fine (oil and filter service <2000 miles ago as well). Any idea of costs to sort out, is it a simple DIY job or best left to the professionals?
  3. That looks like a lot of messing around 😕
  4. Oh yeah, I saw your post on that elsewhere. Son works at Halfords so will see if we can borrow one if necessary. He’s got a code that points to EGR (looking at other posts on here) so want to try a clean first. He wants to do the EGR blank but I’d like to know this is the problem first. He’s only had the car 3 weeks so he’s a bit miffed at the minute😕
  5. Hi all, I’ve posted on a new thread but maybe you guys will recognise this topic. Where exactly is the EGR valve located and how do you disconnect it to ‘prove’ it’s the problem ?
  6. Oh heck, sounds like a pain to get to😕. To be more specific tho, where exactly is it?
  7. Hi, anyone able to tell me where the EGR valve is located on this engine please and how easy it is to remove/clean?
  8. Any special precautions required to change the seatbelt cassette on a mk7? Assuming it’s just the fixings into the pillar and a pre-tensioner wire to reconnect?
  9. You were spot on, made him a cheeky offer but he’d only go to £3500 which looks a good deal if you look at the ‘My car check’ valuations. Picking it up tomorrow😉
  10. It’s a private sale but needs a couple of bits sorting (dings, kerb rash, minor scratches) but for a ‘59 I guess you’d expect a bit of work to do.
  11. Nice summary of your experience, thank you. I’ve had a read around and as isetta said about, I get the impression the main turbo problems afflicted the Focus and pre Mk7 Fiesta. The one we viewed yesterday had none of the noises you’ve both advised me to look out for and service history is completely stamped so regular oil/filters shouldn’t be an issue so far. Suppose my question is, is it worth £3595 (it’s been reduced from £3750 on their advert in the last week so not sure what offer they’d take against the lowered price).
  12. Thanks again for your reply. Been to see a private sale ‘59 plate with 80k miles in black with the body kit and snowflake alloys. Fully stamped service booklet and 12mth MOT. Couple of minor dings in the bodywork but nothing too bad but various scratches here and there that always show worse on black paint. All wheels with significant kerb rash but will refurb ok. Wants £3595
  13. Thanks for the reply, going to look at one later today so will have eyes and ears peeled.
  14. Hi all, sons ‘ 58 1.25 Zetec is now beyond economical MOT repair and he’s looking for a 2009> Zetec S 1.6TDCi. Any views on price he should be looking to pay (private or trade) and anything in particular to look out for? Any owner experiences to share?