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  1. Resetting the average mpg seem to fix this , I hope it's not a temporary fix , I'll keep you posted in a couple of days after it settles down Thank you guys for your ideas
  2. Hi guys , I have a 2015 Focus Zetec S and the trip computer shows me an average fuel consumption of 99.9 mpg , if I switch to liters per kilometers it shows 1.6 l/100 km, when I bought the car it was 5,2l/100km(I am using l/100km as it's much easier for me) I recently filled the tank untill the pump stopped and after a bit more than100km I went back and fill it again , it was 5 l that i needed to fill the tank again Is that the real average fuel consumption of the car , and if yes does anyone know why is such big difference of what the car shows and how to fix this Thanks
  3. Looking for ideas to make this car even more good looking than it already is...
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