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  1. Sometimes vac systems shutdown (heater vents etc) and make an odd moaning noise. My 2.0 diesel groans every time.
  2. I've seen this somewhere before, but haven't seen a solution. There's a random, faint bleep, almost like something bleeping with a flat battery. It happens with the car stopped or running, with the ignition on or off. No warnings up, and it happens with the parking sensors on or off. Tried turning off the bluetooth, leaving the mobile at home, unplugging the dashcam in case it was something trying to connect. No difference, still the bleep, sometimes it stops for days, other times it drives me up the wall bleeping every few minutes. Any ideas?
  3. My 2007 2.2 ST had a timing chain, I guess it's the same lump, engine number then a call to your friendly Ford dealer should confirm though. I know that the 2.0 diesels had a wet belt for a couple of years, but I think that was around 2010/2013. Belt change on the 2.0's is 125k
  4. Fleabay, about £10 each. Maybe a tiewrap on the end of the retaining strap may help, I lost a couple on my old ST, if I'd thought of it then it might have saved them.
  5. The bottle is so big I've never run low either, but my 2007 ST had a warning light. It seems a step back.
  6. My 2014 Mondeo TityX doesn't do front and rear automatically - at least the lights don't come on. I'll leave the switch alone next time and see what happens, forecast is -2 tonight so I'll have a go in the morning. My 07 Mondeo ST used to put both on at 3 degrees or so, for about 10 minutes. Like everyone else has said, battery life has nowt to do with the load (not the load we're talking about anyway), it's all about mechanical /chemical degradation within the cells.
  7. Having had my drivers side mirror removed by a dear old lady - it exploded, the powdered glass was all up my window and I was left with a stump - I priced a replacement from Ford, cost of parts £350-ish. Nothing in the breakers, on fleabay I found a complete replacement, pattern, from Latvia for £116 + £28 p&p. Physically identical except that it doesn't have the narrow segement down the side, the wiring colours were different and the plug was 8 pin, the Mondy is a 12. Before I go any further my background is a control panel and systems designer, so wiring is something I've done a fair bit of. While I was waiting for delivery (10 days or so) I stuck a round blind spot mirror on what was left, better than nothing. Attached .pdf of wiring mods. Mondeo Mirror.pdf Tony
  8. Fixed! Just on the offchance that not folding was an option I pushed the lock on the fob twice, the indicators flashed twice, I unlocked, relocked and the mirrors folded. How do I access DTC's? Modern cars are too ***** complex. When I were a lad you could fix side valve Ford Populars with a big hammer and a nail file. :-)
  9. Retired about a year ago, ex-panels and control systems designer, which came in handy as I couldn't find any mirror wiring diagrams that made any sense. I'll start another topic on the mirror swap, it may help someone.
  10. Anyone had this? The mirrors will fold from the switch on the armrest, but not when the doors lock/unlock. They were OK until a dear old lady hit my drivers side and left me with a stump and some wires, and even then the stump and other side folded OK. I bought an aftermarket mirror assembly which had the wrong plug and the wire colours are different, not a problem, it was sort of my job before I retired, and I traced wiring etc and re-used the old plug. Unfortunately as the puddle light and flasher were just sockets so I couldn't tell which was which, I connected them the wrong way round, the flasher lit when they folded once, and after that they ceased to fold. Any ideas? TonyS
  11. I've been using Nightbreakers for about 8 months on the Mondeo and about 2 years on the Scooby without any problems.
  12. Hi all Had a 2007 ST for a couple of years and bought the 2.0 estate (or is a wagon?) to haul HUGE quantities of stuff about while using bugger-all diesel. Love Mondeos! TonyS