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  1. Thank you for your replies I do always set this on each trip but it has a habit of sometimes of switching itself off.
  2. recently the Intelligent Speed Limiter on my 68 Focus has switched itself off has anyone come across this I usually drive with this switched on.
  3. thank you all for your help very much appreciated.
  4. Hi Paul thank you for your reply I will try another dealer.
  5. On my Mk4 ford focus auto there are two sets of buttons on the middle near the drive selection knob one is the brake / and a letter a with a circle around it and on the four buttons below this there is also a button with a letter a with a circle around this why is there two with the same symbol on them. can anyone help please.
  6. has anybody had mud flaps fitted on a focus titanium x nearest dealer says they will not fit
  7. Hi Stoney 871 thank you very much appreciated.
  8. I have a ford focus 2016 looking at the headlight I have the adaptive lighting on the outside then a single bulb then the indicator can anyone please tell me what the middle single bulb is as I cannot get this to light on either side. Help would be very much appreciated
  9. I have a 2016 focus next to the gear lever are three buttons the top one looks like assisted park, the middle button (what is this for) and the bottom button looks as though it is for switching off the Auto stop can you help please.??