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  1. MrDibble

    Is this tyre repairable

    I thought as much. Thanks for the help guys
  2. MrDibble

    Is this tyre repairable

    I'd like to know if you think this tyre is repairable. It has lots of tread still and hasn't gone down in days. The nail is much longer than it looks. I'd really appreciate your opinion. I have attached a picture:
  3. Thanks for the help . I doubt it. What should the key look like?
  4. I have found a nail in the tyre.and I'm trying to remove the wheel to repair it. I have loosened 3 of the nuts but have found that one is round and the spare wheel wrench is too small. How do I remove it? There isnt any obvious tool to remove it. I have attached a picture as well. I'd really appreciate the help.