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  1. ok thanks will get back to you when i get paid
  2. think mines got majority of that but doesn't have digital speedo or doesn't show you the parking sensors. How much and how do you do it is it downloaded?
  3. what else is on the update? infact is it even worth upgrading or just buying a new android unit?
  4. My ford Mondeo titanium x 2014, the fob opens the car gives power but I keep getting steering wheel fault and its locked. I changed the battery and have the same issue. I have a spare key fob and its been fine but now thats doing the same thing. It does it and take me a while but eventually locks. Has anyone experienced anything similar or have an idea on the problem?
  5. Ive gotta 2014 FORD MONDEO TITANIUM X BS ED T It has the Display monitor but its so basic. Ive seen others online and compatible ones aswell. It uses Convers+, but if I get a new display unit will it require new software or an upgrade?
  6. I've gotta ford Mondeo titanium 2014. It has normal lights however i don't think their bright enough. I want to get LED bulbs. Anyone think this is a good idea and is there anything wrong with doing this.?
  7. I jet washed ...well was jet washing my car. low setting as always, then after wiping it down with a sponge and that bit of pain has come off. Ive had the car 2 years, however it was used when I bought it, do you think its had a bodge paint job the previous owner had...or the garage? because this is ridiculous... does anyone know how much it would cost to get this sprayed?
  8. In my ford mondeo the fan...when you switch it on it blows air, then you have the option of blowing air towards your face/feet/windscreen. However now it's switched on and air automatically blows towards your face and can't turn it off. Anyone else had this problem?
  9. I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 163 Titanium X Business Edition(2014). A nice car however It does not have a reverse camera. I have looked at the higher models and they do come with the camera and they look near identicle. Does anyone else have one? It has a Display with built in radio, satnav, has a colour screen. Im hoping it has the correct ports on the back so I can connect a reverse cam. Has anyone managed to do this?
  10. This is the central large console, this is what am wondering if I could connect the reversing camera to
  11. I have the ford mondeo titanium x business edition. Ive seen another similar to mine with a reversing camera and the camera seems to be connected or linked to the monitor on the dashboard. My car doesnt have a camera but am wondering if it would be possible to fit a camera and connect it to the monitor? Just wondering if anyone knows