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  1. I too was 18 with one years no claims when I got my Fiesta St-Line 140. When I got my new fiesta my insurance was up for renewal 3 days later. I got numerous quotes using comparison sites and managed to get it for £939 through Admiral (via comparethemarket) without a blackbox. It really does make a difference on what you input as your Job. I'm an apprentice field technician in the IT industry and by putting that it would've cost me over £2k!!!! I made it Technical Assistant in Maintenance Services as it still describes what i'm doing, supplying tech assistant/maintenance service to customers. However, when I passed I was 17 and driving a 2005 1.2 SXI Corsa (Typical teenage car ik :D). I got my insurance once again via Comparethemarket but this time with a company called MyPolicy (I believe apart of Aviva not 100% sure) with a black box and payed £1400. I'll be honest I like to put my foot down as I like driving and often going for spirited driving (It was a corsa so nothing atrocious). MyPolicy were really laid as it seemed the box told a few fibs, on these spirited drives you now and then go above said speed limits and the box didn't seem to pick it up! It was then I read into their terms that I noticed that no action was really taken unless you go 50% over the speed limit (I.e. 90 in a 60) or over 100 in a 70. My friend went for the same company based on how lax they were with me and he's had the same experience. So if you want to let out your inner boy racer I'd look into them!!! This same friend has just got an Mercedes A200D as a company car and is insured through MyPolicy for £950 with 1 year NCD. Hope this helps :D
  2. I too have been looking for this! Where did you get the badge for the back from?
  3. See considering the grille is black on the car I was thinking black brows would like nice. If not I guess i'll bite the bullet and get them sprayed.
  4. Headlight brows and gel badge overlays are two cheap and visually pleasing mods to do. Another mod could be some bonnet vents which really give the car a sportier look. However not sure on the cost and/or availability of parts for this.
  5. Well I've not exactly got loads of money being an apprentice on a meh wage. The TRC do look great but not sure if I can afford to purchase and then get painted. However being a grey ST line I have the black grill so I'd be likely to make the brows black. Does the default black colour the TRC come in look and good?
  6. Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone has purchased these headlight brows for their facelift mk7? If so, are they any good?|Model%3AFiesta&hash=item2a4bbe8876:g:R3EAAOSwl-FXNHun
  7. Many thanks @Danny92. I shall contact him this evening to see what he quotes.
  8. @Pd2 I got a quote for the following; -Front and rear -2 x 100mm - £16 - Steering wheel - £4 - Wheel centres - 55mm - £16 UK postage of £2.50 + an additional £5 added to order due to grey being a 'non standard colour'
  9. Many Thanks, I shall see to doing so.
  10. Looking for mk7.5 gel overlays for bonnet, rear and steering wheel? Wanting black background with grey writing? Anyone know of anyone who either sells these or custom makes them?
  11. What exhaust have you installed onto this as it looks quite good! Might have to get one on my St-Line
  12. Does anyone know of anyone/anywhere that's selling an ST-Line badge. I'm wanting one to stick onto my grille just like the ST's have. I've managed to find one on eBay but I don't fancy spending £26 on it For anyone who's unaware this badge here
  13. Got a couple of questions for you folk! First of all, what would be the size of the Mk7.5 gear knob thread. I'm looking to get a custom made knob so will require perfect sizing? The other question being, is there a guide on this forum for the removal of the gear knob/gaitor? Tah in advance.
  14. Hi there, I currently have a 2016 Fiesta and was wondering if anyone has replaced their DRL for something like these? I'n not massively fussed about the indicator being like this (would be epic though) however, i like the look of one consistent looking line of light compared to the current DRL fitted.
  15. I got my 66 plate Fiesta ST-Line a few months ago and I reluctantly allowed my mother to give it a go. So upon her coming home from the shops she had managed to curb my front left allow. Due to being extremely ***** off shes no longer allowed to drive my car! Now every single time I walk round the passenger side I'm angered by it as I cannot help but look. My issue is i'm trying to get a refurb on that wheel so my car is back to its original 'Pre-mum state'. I'm unable to find the colour code for the Rock Metalli on the wheels. Does anyone have any idea what the code for this colour is? Would be much appreciated :D