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  1. Interesting to read that, Steve. Mine is a 2017 model with Sync 3 but one of the first (reg Dec). I think I've resigned myself to getting rid of it when I'm out of the 9 month privilege contract, I just don't have the time or energy to battle this one! Love everything else about the car, so will be a shame.
  2. It's only 6 months old so could take it back to dealer. I've taken to one local dealer who seemed to think there was nothing wrong ... feel it might be one of those never ending battles.
  3. Hey Jon. Yeah, I've had all the wheels balanced (a couple of times actually). I haven't had an alignment done (though I did try but none of my local dealerships had the right equipment for an Edge!); though the car doesn't pull to a particular side so don't imagine it's an alignment issue.
  4. Hey Neil. That's a very generous offer, thank you. I'll PM you.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Edge of Reason but it's not the lane assist (I've got that turned off actually). I've tried everything I can think of to reduce the vibration and I've concluded it's either normal and I'm just sensitive to it, or it's an issue with mine but I can't get it fixed! I think it's the former, and it's just vibration from the road undulations but for some reason I find it really annoying. I certainly understand that SUV + big wheels + sports suspension means that the ride is gonna be firmer. Either way I will sell it after I am out of my 9 months min term (Privilege rules).
  6. Out of interest, did you go through the dealer for a replacement vehicle or via Ford Customer Relations? Hope you enjoy your Mondeo. Anyfirst impressions?
  7. Yes, if the lane markings (colour etc) are there then it's on. When it's off you see the car but no lane markings. There is a setting to change what happens with lane assist, so maybe one of the settings needs changing (if you've not done that). Tbh the vibration for lan assist isn't too violent, it's noticable though.
  8. Hey, thanks very much for the feedback and website recommendation. Silly question re your lane assist, but assume you have it switched on? I've accidentally knocked it off before now (the button on the end of the indicator stalk).
  9. Sorry to bump the topic if no one is interested, but would be interested to know what standard tyres people have on their Edge Sport. Thanks.
  10. Have you got Ford Customer Relations involved? They can sonetimes put pressure on the dealer. Might be worth a try.
  11. Had a short road trip to Germany covering about 1000miles in a three days in my Sport Auto. A few comments on the journey ... Averaged 37mpg with no attempt to be frugal. Could have hit around 39/40 with being more careful. Hit 133mph on a derestricted bit of Autobahn and ran out of road. Might of had a bit more left in the tank too. There might have been a slight downhill gradient hence the higher max speed than advertised. The in gear performance for motorway overtaking is quite adequate and though it's slow off the mark, I found it punchy enough for motorway driving. The main downside of the car was the ride comfort. Having done 4000 miles I have come to the conclusion that the ride comfort for me is really not suitable for long distance cruising. The car feels too fidgety and has too much vibration coming into the cabin and through the steering wheel from the road. My previous car was a Golf GTD and found that to be a much better long distance cruiser in this respect. I test drove the Sport but never picked up/noticed the firmness in the test drive (dealer test drives tend to be too short to be useful IMO). I would personally recommend anyone not yet decided to test drive the Titanium as that might be less firm.
  12. Interested to know what tyres owners' Edges came with and what their view is on them. My Sport came with Pirelli Scorpion Verde; considering changing them as finding a fair amount of vibration/fidgetiness coming through the steering wheel. Wondering if a softer compound may help (though expensive if makes no difference!).
  13. Thanks for your responses. Mine is smooth, just feel vibrations through the steering wheel. But then maybe that's not smooth!