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  1. - Maybe update the communications module that connects to the radio. When i bought my car the bluetooth / aux didnt work so i had to replace the whole unit. (sits behind glovebox area) - To replace the cable just snip the end off. Remove the sheathing from the protruding wires and crimp it onto a new connector. This was for a MK7 so not too sure how relevant it is for a 2013.
  2. Hello all, I've not been very lucky with my fiesta (Mk7 zetec s petrol) since the new year. Rough idle on cold starts and not to mention the clutch went the other week. Since however, I have had it replaced and everything seemed fine and the car was actually driving great. This morning though, I put it into reverse and whilst edging backwards a very audible screeching/metal noise started happening. Unfortunately I cannot attach a video to this post so if you would like to hear it please let me know and I'll email it over to you This forum has been great in the past and I appreciate all the help!
  3. Hi Everyone, Despite my last ford randomly cutting out on me on corners I nevertheless bought another. I just love my fords ahaha So the problem has been around a while but this morning was definitely the worst it has ever been. Upon starting the ignition my car (Ford fiesta zetec s 1.6 Petrol 2009 Mk7) starting revving erratically and it felt like the whole car was shaking. I pushed some revs on myself and it seemed to calm it down. No problems whatsoever when driving however, only on ignition. Im not sure if it is worth mentioning but earlier on in the year i got an 'Engine Malfunction' popup twice on my visual display thing. However, as always the case, when took to the garage there was no fault codes and wiping the few unreadable codes fixed the problem and it has never came back since. Any help is appreciated as I rely on this car everyday to drive an hour to work. Thanks to all
  4. Thanks for all the advice I will need to try and remember it if it happens again, We have plugged in 2 different diagnostic tools but it reads no fault codes whatsoever so no one can estimate what's wrong with it. I have however disconnected the smart charger from the alternator (As suggested from local car shop) and since then there actually hasn't been a problem, so I assume it must be around that area Thankyou again for the advice and sorry for getting back to the post so late!
  5. sorry, have updated post accordingly, i wish the diagnostics would pick something up. Have had no engine codes or lights on the dash
  6. Sorry! Engine size is 1.4 and it is a Petrol
  7. Hello, In the last 2 days my focus has twice cut out whilst going round corners. I sort of can interpret when it is going to happen as the clutch gets heavier and the steering becomes stiffer. When it does cut out though i cant turn the steering wheel or brake soon after. I need to use my car everyday and the thought of it cutting out when on a dual carriageway is quite scary. We have put a diagnostic tool into the car but it has read no faults... Has anyone had a similar problem? or could you point me in the right direction as I would like to have this sorted ASAP Thankyou!!
  8. Trust me Im already hearing the shakes
  9. Thanks for the answer its really helpful and clearly explained. Think Im going to wait and work out what I need to buy before going out and getting one. In regards to the alternator It wasnt really a post i read but more of word of mouth I had heard it from a few people I work with.
  10. Hello everyone I recently purchased a 2003 ford focus mk1 and I'm looking at upgrading the sound system in it (This is partly due to one of the speakers sounding horrible) Im thinking of picking up a 750w sub and some 6x8 500w speakers for the front. I read on another post that a new alternator would be needed otherwise the lights will dim with the stress of it all. I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar to this and is able to recommend one which would suit my needs. Many Thanks!