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  1. I have changed the power steering pressure switch but it’s made no difference, I have noticed that when turning on a roundabout for example at around 20 mph, if I take the car out of gear and coast around the roundabout when I turn the wheel the revs increase from around 1000 to 1700, the tighter i turn the wheel the higher the revs go up, if I drive around the same bend in gear I get the jerking/misfire, for some reason the car is increasing the revs when cornering either left or right hand bends. How bazaar, I thought it might be the steering position sensor but I have looked on the rack and I don’t have a sensor. I didn’t want to take it to a Ford dealer but I don’t think I have much choice.
  2. Hi Peter Thank you for your replay and thoughts. The problem is like someone is flicking a switch when in a corner and the car misfires, along with the misfire I sometimes a get a millisecond burst of power with the throttle in the same position, but again only when in a corner. I did take it to a so-called expert who apparently has the latest and up to date equipment but he couldn’t find the problem. Maybe I try someone who has the Forscan system. Thanks again for your input.
  3. Hi All Help and advice required please. I have a UK Focus petrol 1.6 TI-VCT 2008 with 29k miles on the clock (Tonic Blue for the record), The problem I have is I am getting a misfire / light jerking problem only when cornering. For example if I drive on a straight bit of road then take a bend I get the symptoms of a misfire. As soon as I straighten up the problem stops, This happens on either left or left hand bends and roundabouts etc, the car has never stalled or caused any real problem but now it is just getting very annoying, I never get a warning light and there are no error codes. It doesn’t matter how much petrol I have in tank. I have changed the spark plugs, leads and coil pack also run two tanks of redex, cleaned the throttle body. I have wiggled every connecter plug without reproducing the problem. Before I go any further can I have your thoughts please Thank you all in advance