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  1. I have a 1999 Focus some of you here may be familiar with I have posted a few problems (boot no longer works, losing oil, high petrol consumption) and I have decided to buy a newer car. Because I like the drive, shape and feel of a Focus( Eccept for the obvious problems) I was thinking of a Focus Diesel but would like more advice of what kind to go for. Would a 1.6 be economical or are there others that are better ? Thanks.
  2. What oil would you suggest that will be best for this car, last longer ?
  3. No, there is no smoke. Sorry, I changed the air filter, not the oil. My mistake. Might book it in for a service.
  4. See the other post in this forum : Focus Drinking Engine Oil Posted 18 May 2011 - 10:16 AM 'Is it common for these engines to consume engine oil?' YES! very It's not just me. They are notorious for it.
  5. I didn't run it for 2 years without a cam belt. It went about a month after I bought it. I then got an engine swap from an 04 model which had a lot less mileage. 2 engines that drank oil and a rusting body, a boot that no longer opens. It's a wonderful car !
  6. Sorry for believing a mechanic at an established garage about the oil needing topping up. What was I thinking ? Ok, I may not be very knowledgeable about cars but there is no need to be rude. As there is no way I can afford a new car I will have to make do for now. We bought it for £900 off a good friend's daughter who had no trouble with it (yes, really). The cam belt is now notched up as experience.
  7. can't afford to buy another car and it wouldn't be a Focus if I could. I had already spent a bit having the engine replaced after the cam belt went shortly after we bought it. That old one guzzled oil too.
  8. I have been told by a few people in the know (mechanics included) that the Focus does need a constant supply of oil. I suppose it also means you don't need an oil change when serviced. At nearly £7 a go for a small bottle coupled with the high petrol consumption it's very very expensive to run. When it went to the garage about 18 months ago a mechanic said underneath is very rusty and when the cross section that supports the rear wheels rots (I am not sure what it's called but more knowledgeable people here will know) that's the end of the car as it's part of the chases and can't be replaced or fixed.
  9. Since I bought this 1.6 1999 Focus 2 years ago it has cost me the earth to run. It guzzles petrol and oil. I have been told that they need topping up all the time with oil. There are no leaks or anything but my Peugeot 106 never needed a single top up between changes. My Peugeot had a small rust spot that hasn't got any bigger in 10 years (my Mum now has it) . In 2 years my Focus wheel arch has bubbled and rusted looking unsightly. The boot lock no longer works (from the key or the button on the dash). For some reason when I am driving, the petrol gauge display the next time I drive the car is always lower than when I last drove it. The mileometer sometimes re-sets itself back to zero with no warning. All in all after the 2 years experience I can say it is a nice, comfortable car to drive and reliable to start but it is sooooooo expensive to run and badly made (rust etc) I will never buy another Ford again. I have had an Escort and Fiesta a few years ago and they both rusted badly too.
  10. Is that easy to do, get a spare ?
  11. I managed to get it open. Great I thought but then it wouldn't shut. The lock seems to stay in whatever position it was last in without springing back. You have to manually line it up with pliers to get it to hook back over the bolt to stay shut. Then the process starts again because you can't open it without getting inside from the rear seat and pushing the mechanism with pliers. I have spayed with Teflon lubricant but it hasn't made it any better. The only thing is the black plastic seems to be part of the lock itself which is now a bit of a ragged mess after me pulling at it.
  12. Just been in the boot for half an hour trying to open it and no joy. Just ending up losing my temper. There seemed to be a small bit of hard black plastic stuck in the mechanism. I Pulled some of it out with long nosed pliers but still has no effect.
  13. yesterday I had trouble shutting the boot so I gave it a good slam. It shut ok and at my destination I opened it ok. A day later I come to open it and turn the key. Nothing. I try to open it from the button above the dash which sounds like it is opening with the usual clicking sound and again nothing. Is there a way I can open it from inside the boot by pulling the seat back ? It's a Ford Focus 1.6 1999 5 door model. Also the rubber ring around the boot lock itself has broken off (nothing to do with the lock problem) and it looks unsightly. Can I get another ? Thanks.
  14. Now then, I got a new coil pack for £20 so it was worth a gamble at that price. It now runs better than ever and fingers crossed it will continue. Not a bad job getting the old one off (as a novice with cars) but connecting the HT leads back was a pain. One of them was almost bent and had lost that little clip on the bare copper connection. I got it on in the end but perhaps I should look at getting some new leads too. What I can't understand is if it was the coil pack, why did it seem ok for a while after putting new plugs on ? Surely it would make no difference. Anyway, if it's sorted my fuel consumption which has been high will go down a bit and all for a mere £35 (including air filter and plugs)