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  1. Hi. How easy is it for a new engine fit? Is it as simple as lump out, lump in? I own a Focus Zetec S 1.8 tdci 2009. Currently in the hands of an engineering firm who quoted me £3000 and is telling me I won't have it done for £1500 which I have been told by different places. 3 or 4 mechanics telling me they would have me up and running for less than £1500... however, others are telling me it's not as easy as that as serial numbers, engine codes, ecu must all match perfectly. I'm in the dark. Help please.
  2. Hi guys. Help needed urgently. Need advice if anybody could spare me a few minutes on the phone... Either a focus specialist or a mechanic. Thanks in advance, Ben.
  3. Morning guys. Need some help and advice. I have a Focus Zetec S 1.8tdi 2009 and it needs a new engine! I could just sell it for spares but because it's worth around £4000-£4500 I wanted to know if it's worth me dropping a new engine in it. Question, how much would it cost? Estimate? If price is right, I would sell after as I don't trust Ford anymore. I'd rather get £4000 for it that £1000. Can you guys help me out? I'm from Grantham, Lincolnshire. Thanks in advance...
  4. Confirmed, needs new engine. Grantham, Lincolnshire.
  5. Big job? Affordable? Or end of the car? It's worth £4000 running.
  6. Okay. Will post some pics tomorrow of the damage. Thank you very much for your help. Ben.
  7. Lots of vibration when revved after start up and driving through low gears, kangaroos and almost felt like it wanted to stall.
  8. I revved to 4000 rpm, it has a limiter, 2nd rev to 4000 and it made a crunch sound, bang and a bit of aftermath (like putting a sheet of metal in a paper shredder). Engine is not dead. Took it to 2 separate garages last week, 1 told me EGR valve, another told me injectors. Bit too late now haha.
  9. Give me 2 mins and I will take some pictures of engine. May not be clear but I have no ideas about engines etc. 2 mins mate. Thanks...
  10. Too dark but I recovered these that was on floor in oil puddle.
  11. Do you want pics of debris? Thanks for the reply.
  12. Continuing on from my previous post... Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8 tdci 2009 Few problems I've been having... - alot of blue/white smoke on start up (smoke smells bad, hint of diesel) - kangaroos through gears 1-3 until driven a bit - ticking/tapping noise from engine - sounds like a tractor Continued... This evening, I started car, took about 7 or 8 seconds to start, same problems I've listed. I went indoors, fetched the kids, strapped them in car, gave it a couple of high revs to clear the smoke as it does clear when driven for a bit and BANG!
  13. Smoke is blue. Sounds horrible aswell. Opened up bonnet and alot of noise, tractor noise.
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